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I want my comic to be so good youll regret not coming up with the idea...and I like to read comics so good I regret not coming up with the idea.

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What? A comic? check it out guys..
I have a feeling axl isn't going to like the next page much..
And with the new chapter we see Hermes address Neo Arcadia... What better way to gain their trust then to tell then about the inner workings of the Government.

One thing I want to note is that instead of using "28XX" I'm using "28NR" I wont say what exactly "NR" stands for yet but I will say that basically this is a date 28 years after a certain event. The story itself takes place in the 22nd century.
Cover Page
Expect a page sometime this week.

1 more to 50 fans!
In all fairness that knight reploid is badass. All three are the customs you just made?
@MegaTuga lol it was a pain doing that panel he's so freakin huge!
End Of Chapter
Here we are, the end of chapter 3. A lot going on in the page, what better way to end it right?

Anyways chapter 4 will be released on Friday of this week.

@MegaTuga as soon as I saw it i knew what my god's eye would be lol

@crazybob The gold part was plausible i just didn't feel the need to change the color lol. The size had to be small enough to be portable though
And there it is, the God's Eye in all of it's glory. A mysterious object with unknown origins. We also learn that Zero's pride has been hurt after his loss to Hivolt, but who wouldn't be ashamed of that?

Oh and this is the second to last page for this chapter so I'll have page 26 out a little earlier for the occasion. Look forward to chapter 4.
D'aww look at Verge in the back barely recognizable lol..

Holy crap though, sigma's not messing around.
God's Eye
So this is a info dump page that I really enjoyed making. We find out a little more about Ciel, Elpizo, and Lucidus' relationship, Lucidus' predecessors, and the Gods Eye. Lots of info for just one page lol.

The God's eye has been talked about before but this is the first time it is explained and we learn that is the reason for Zero having such human like qualities.

Anyways, enjoy!
Nother' update? Nice

And awesome airship is awesome
Congratulations on 200 comics, and great page as always, except this one is twice the panels meaning twice the awesomeness lol

Long live megaman!
If i haven't said already, your an amazing sprite comic maker my friend.

Glad I stuck around this long and surely will for the chapters to come!
Unknown Enemy
Well, it's been a while guys. So happy to be back to working on this comic and uploading these pages I have been sitting on.

Now Zero and co are deducing who the enemy could be, while Ciel deals with the truth
Magnificent build up to his decision.
Yo, an update.

One of the more conversational pages, Ciel finally has a much needed discussion with Master Thomas about several topics in the midst of his resignation.

I'll go with robin
Holy strawberries batman! We're in a jam!
Awesome page! Love the details...

And I wanna say... Fire emblem?
Huh you two? Lol

Dam the paneling makes the action scenes so much more epic