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I'm just a butthurt cracker who leads a pseudo-life of trying to be a cool nig' by acting like a troll.
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    Sonic the hedgehog
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A.K.A me remaking old shit. Not really much proud of both.
About two years later, but still.
June 9th, 2013
Please update, it's been a month.
Since when was death an obstacle?
Yeah, it's legible, but the font is still small as fuck. Would be easier to read if it was bigger.
> Steal a car, then go to new destination.
Ghost quest.
@Melvyn Lennard: VoV weren't the ones who got Lug hated, it was some war back in '09.
Interesting concept, fly from me.
>Roger > Stab yourself on the chest and insert the heart from the inventory in the wound.
It's kinda lazy, imo.
Messing around in MyPaint.
@wolf_rider: Flaming =/= Trolling
@wolf_rider: No, it isn't trolling.
Maybe Sonic's chaos blast destroyed everything until only a floating island was left.
January 11th, 2012
>Take off your helmet.