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I'm a girl that's addicted to drawing and wants to make it into a job or money off it. But I can tell that's going to be some time before that happens lol
*internal screaming intensifies*
What cute babies~
Do he got the booty?
He DO!!!
October 17th, 2012
He's still a bastard, don't care if he think it's best, he should really try to understand Kaito, and be in his shoes for a change... Sorry, it's a situation similar to what me and my mom had, Love the story so far keep going with it~ :D
October 5th, 2012
love it~
Love the comic so far, can't wait for more
I seriously lol'd on this page XD
That's it boys! You get some~!
Skulls <3
I love how you did the skulls! I need more practice on skulls myself