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September 22nd, 2015
so... Mickey called Reggi by They pronouns, and now we know that Reggi doesn't mind either female or male pronouns... Is Reggi genderqueer? Can I even ask how Reggi identifies? or should we wait to discover that later?

by the way, love the comic (story and art) :3
I think Alice will look at her shirt and read "I <3 girls"
It would be awsome! hahaha
"that is where i met her" plus "I got my own room" go VERY well together *wink wink*
@Aridnere: Haha, your not the only one!
Found this comic yesterday and I have been reading it since then.
It's awesome! The caracters and their relationships are really amasing and the story itself to.
Thanks for the good time! :)
(sorry for possible "engrish" ^^'')
I just love Nikki on this one! She is just a great friend!!!
May the title be wrong
Just started reading and I have to say that I love your style, but as I said, please may the title be wrong.
I mean she's coughing and the "today i wore black", oh my, don't tel me shes gonna die !!!