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Heyyo. <3
I'm a (failing) sophomore in high school.
I have amazing friends, chefs for parents, the cutest bunnies, and a pretty little Labrador.

I live off of the diet of rice, cookies and whatevers in the freezer.
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Hehe. I drew this earlier.
Little Lys.
@Aysan1: Thank you c':
Lolol so am I, Lys.
I can't draw at all. :c
This was before I changed it to "Tall Tales of a Mockingbird". Silly me.
That was fun.

P.s. My Japanese is a bit rusty, so if I got that bottom sentence wrong, puhlease puhlease puhlease let me now. <3 Thanks.
The dragon's name is pronounced "Quail". c; I just wanted to get fancy.
And the story drags on
*A new life, excuse me. I was in a hurry when I was writing this out, and I was too stupid to stop and reread it.
Do you like my little animals at the bottom? Took me forever to figure out how to do, lolol.
Heyyo ;o; Thanks for joining me with my shitty manga comic thing.I hope you guys will support me and encourage me to finish this. I'm not very good at sticking to things all the way through, but that's probably because no one's ever really encouraged me to! Haha.

Puhlease enjoy. c:

P.s. The next few pages are just going to be "background fillers", cause I'm too lazy to actually explain it through drawing. Haha. Be patient with me!
October 28th, 2011
I can relate so much...
I get the feeling this comic's dead. :c
September 14th, 2011
Need moar. :c I really hope you finish this.
Hoho, I actually kind of liked the Chikorita... He was blunt, but kinda cool..
September 13th, 2011
@Yachiru-RinRin: Yeah, I could tell you used some type of Manga Studio. (x

Hohoho, I understand the school thing well. :c I just had surgery a month ago, so now I'm weeks behind everyone else, and I'm not the smartest apple on the tree to begin with.
Anyways, the manga's cute. <3 So good luck(:
September 13th, 2011
@Yachiru-RinRin: It ain't sloppy(x Besides, I'd rather read a not-as-neat comic that gets updated often rather than a every-detail-counts comic that gets updated once a month.
What do program do you use to draw on? c:
September 13th, 2011
I love the hair shading(:
What program do you use to draw?

P.s. That face reminds me of my ma's...
September 13th, 2011
In the beginning you said your drawing sucks, but it's actually pretty cute c:
September 13th, 2011
Omghaha, I really love your humor.
September 12th, 2011
Noo... Sophie should leave, AbbyxToto... ;~;
September 12th, 2011
Mai poor Toto. :c