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The Howl of Valchrist - ACTIVE, READ IT!!
Elohim System - PLANNING...
Fear of the Dark - DEAD
Heart : Sanctuary - DEAD
To Corrupt a Fragile Pshyche - HIATUS
Vampire Valchrist - HIATUS, REBOOT
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Another page! I gotta get better at this updating thing. :U
Wahh sorry it's been a while since a page!
The last week has been super busy! I even had this page drawn but I just hadn't toned it, haha. But I finally had some free time and here it is~ I'll try to get at least one page done a week. =w=;;
Sorry for lack of updates I've been pretty busy lately =w=;; Here you go~~
Loth you sly lil bastard

Hooray for pages with actual dialogue~ :U
Finally get to another page~ Just got back from my Las Vegas vacation!!! :D

LOTH OMGGGG I've been waiting since high school to draw him in a comic.
Sorry I always upload everything really late at night
But here's Loth!! Here begins Chapter 1... I'd like to thank Ninjies for helping me write all this chapter... =w=;;
End of the Prologue!!
Hoorey that means I can get to the good part of the story where Loth comes in I'm EXCITED YEEEEEEE <33
Almost done with the prologue!
There'll be one more page after this and then we can get to the actual story eeeeee I'm so exited <3

Ps- I added a characters page cause I think those are fun~
Hooray with being consistent on updating!!
Here's another lovely page with 14-year-old Valchrist~
I'm on a roll here
Getting a bunch of updates today since I probably won't be able to update tomorrow or the next day~~
Yeeee see I'm totally updating =w= I can do this!!
If any of you remember the original version of Vampire Valchrist you will know that this page is reminiscent of it... haha like any of you would remember an arbitrary page of an old BL comic hahahahahahhaha
Here's the start of a new era!!
The cover of my new story... I'm excited *u* Expect the gays.........I'm sorry.
So yeah I wasn't lying about a reboot!!
But this reboot is going to be very different that the previous version.... it's about Valchrist's past! *A* If you are still interested in my characters and my story (it will still have contracts/vampires yadda yadda) you should check it out!!

This one also won't change style 100,000,000 times and I'll try to update it consistently rather than like once a month =w=;; It's a story I've wanted to draw for a long time so I should!!

Here's the link:

Also I won't be deleting this comic, maybe one day in the future I might come back to it just for kicks,,,,,, (I seem to be doing that a lot lately)
@A v e r y
yes yes the new version will include Loth right away and it's going to be spectacular!!
The new version I want to create isn't going to stick to the original though... it's going to be a completely new story. Well, the story itself isn't new to me but it'll be new to all of you haha~!
Wow I didn't realize this comic has over 2000 fans!!!
So yeah.... here's a redraw of an old page. Bet you didn't expect to see this comic in your update box hahahahahahahahah!!!! That's cause it's not actually updating.

Yeah, this comic has gone through like 3 style changed since its reboot. Not proud of that one bit. If I did another reboot, it would be in this style and not change every other page, haha.

That being said, the final reboot isn't going to be the story you all know. It's not even going to be set in the same time period. I've had this part of the story planned out since I created version 2 of the comic but never really told anyone and it was just going to be like a flashback... now I want to make it its own story!! I'll post more about it later if you guys are still interested at all.
Finally another page! I have a job and that's been eating a lot of my time, so on my day off I drew~
Eeee this is my favorite page so far. It's cause I'm starting to shade everything a little more... I like it~ <3