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Im a chill kid pretty much likes videogames
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I am aliiiiiive
Hey guys im still here but school classes been beating on me.....seeing how i cant slack off and all this work is leavin me too exhausted to do anything but sleep ill try and post this week
@Orange_Hipster: just update ur character a lil bro hes a lil " too modern" for the story
@dfranks: excuse me for not updating but im actually pretty busy dealing with a move so after saturday im back and updatin
@RyanMilla: yea sorry i know i said id update but my laptop crashed
@dfranks: work a way that we all get to know each other
@Legoalex-625: with all the zombie and alien attackings everyone hasn't even had a time to actually get properly introduced,
@dfranks: we set up the skype you know if LA could get his workin?
We all need a chat room or some way for all the authors to discuss the plot
@Gyusuki: anything pretty much...mutants monsters unknown creatures.. Robots, aliens , just things you see in your typicall end of the world
This comic is becoming harder to understand whats actually going on page by page
@dfranks: i feel a argument comin up in the next update
@dfranks: dont think shawn will be to happy to find out his rescuer is in the military
@RyanMilla: ima re-do part two and post it before this comic
@RyanMilla: we should go head and update that
@RyanMilla: thank you, im going to start to work on sprites for a military general
Power struggles
Soo the power went out, and part 2 to this comic is gone....Upside the update to my sprites and this sheet managed to survive. anyone else wanna do the next update for part two?
@dfranks: oh i apologize i thought it would affect everyone,...uhm then proceed u can go first especially since you are new
@dfranks: i got the update actually,sorry bro