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I like everything Yaoi BUT!! I like a good story.

I am an Otaku and watch too much anime. I love reading manga and drawing it myself. Most of my money is spent on Otaku related things XD

Gravity falls forever!!!

Message me if you have any questions about my comics!!
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I'm uploading a day early because I will be too busy tomorrow to upload it then. Also I don't want to be late. So here!! A day early!!

Also been working on another comic so my time is spent doing both as well as house work and my job. So sorry if it's not %100 awesome XD

(I suck at backgrounds!!!)

Enjoy!! :D
I hath returned!! I'm back to regular uploads!!

I just needed some time to chill cause I was sick and gross XD

But now I am better than ever and back to drawing my comic!!

Enjoy the stick figures in panel 2 XD
March 5th, 2018
They're too cute together! X3
Oh my god yes XD

I haven't laughed this much in a long time XD I love it!! :D
I'm attached o.o

I must continue reading this!! :D
Hey guys!!

So...I'm sick. I've had this cold for about 4 days now. I finished this page like a day before I got sick. So Imma take a bit to get better. So I may not have a page for you next week, depending on how I feel.

(I think I pushed myself too hard DX)

Sorry for this message of sadness!! But I just need some time to feel better and rest. I hope you understand!!

See ya'll later!! :D

I feel like I'm being very shouty today XD

Anyways Enjoy!! I might miss next weeks update cause I have some stuff to do next week. MIGHT!! But after that, it should be back to normal :D
February 11th, 2018
Oh my gosh little Kleio in the crowd XD So cute
A day late again!! I think my update days will be Thursdays from now on. If I miss one more Wednesday, then I'm changing it XD

Anyways here you go, a new page!!

Enjoy!! :D
Michelle needs to learn when it's a good time to ring the doorbell XD

A day late again!! Maybe I should just make my update day on Thursdays XD

Anyways, here's page one of Chapter Three.

Matt's sleepy face XP

Sorry it's a day late!!
Yesterday was really hectic and I never got a chance to upload a page. But here it is!!

Chapter three has now begun!

See ya'll next week! :D
January 11th, 2018
Awww!! Protective :P
January 11th, 2018
I...I think he put his foot there for more than one reason ;P
January 11th, 2018
Lovely XD
Haha Pilot's face in the last panel XD
Pilot: I don't wanna make it...but I want it DX
Haha :D
Yay! I'm all caught up!! Can't wait to see what happens!! :D
So year... Matt's a werewolf. Bet ya didn't see that comin!!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy as this is the last page of chapter 2! Chapter three starts next Wednesday ;P
This family just keeps getting bigger... I love it XD
I'm in the middle of reading your comic and I just had to stop for a second to say, this is the cutest family I have ever seen XD