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I like everything Yaoi BUT!! I like a good story.

I am an Otaku and watch too much anime. I love reading manga and drawing it myself. Most of my money is spent on Otaku related things XD

Gravity falls forever!!!

Message me if you have any questions about my comics!!
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November 7th, 2017
AH! I haven't read this in so long! I miss this DX So sad it hasn't updated in a while!
Life does get busy sometimes so I understand ^w^
November 7th, 2017
Oh my gosh the feels!
I've confessed to someone before and they had no feelings for me whatsoever other than to be a friend... It hurt...a lot... My heart feels your pain guys!!
My heart is racing! I wanna see this happen! XD
July 23rd, 2017
Uh oh o.o
That hoodie... I need it O.O
July 23rd, 2017
@kawaiiunicorn2: Ahh!! You stole my words XD
December 11th, 2016
Sorry I haven't updated for 8 months but life has gotten busy and what not.
So here's a page that I finished recently.
8 months o.o
It went by so fast...
Sorry I haven't updated in a while I've just been busy with life and such. But I finally got to drawing again and came up with this so here ya are.
@Katherine: Haha yeeeees XD Both comics are purple. SO bad XD
Here's the next page for ya'll

Also if you're wondering, that used to be Matt's moms couch :T But I love it :D Probably why his dad kept it :P

So here's the next page and the next one will be up...whenever :P
Wow that's a lot of Purple O.O...oopsie :P

Not a lot of time to explain why this is 21 days late but its cause of work and busyness :P

So here's the next page :D
Ahaha...ha... almost a year...I am disappointed with myself...

Life, work, taking care of my cat, I've been too busy to even lift a pencil DX But I was drawing today and updated both of my comics so I'm kinda proud to get it done :D

Not sure when the next update for this will be, but it might be soon :D

So enjoy this page that is mostly taken up by a crapily drawn wall XD
A-Almost five months?!
Where hath my life gone? T^T

Any who, here's page 14 of chapter two. It took a while to draw and complete cause my life has been a little hectic lately...

I will try to get pages up but they will be at random and probably not all that detailed just like this one ^^"

I have the next three days off from work so I will try to work on it :D
Kyle: You better! I wanna see what happens o3o

So for now I bid you farewell till next time~
(Probably tomorrow XD)
SOrry for the month long no updating and what not. Kinda got busy with work and painting and cleaning this messy ass house.

But now I'm pretty sure I'll have time to get this comic going at least one update a week. I'll even set an alarm so I don't forget :D

Also on another note. I have gotten addicted to watching American Horror Story so I get distracted with that easily. But I only have one season left to finish and no more distractions :D

I hope you all stay with this comic and keep reading as I really enjoy drawing it ^w^
This is why I don't get things done
Ooo~ Looks interesting :D Can't wait to read more ^w^

I love how that women in the last panel is just standing there like "Not this again -.-" XD
Life man -.- Been working too much lately so I havent had much time to work on this. But here's the next page :D

I feel very good about how I drew her mom XD She took so long to design XD

The next update for this comic may be...a while :T I'll update as soon as I finish I page like I have this time but it may be a while before I get enough time to finish more pages.

Please be patient with me >.<
1 month late :D
Its getting to the point that I almost work 7 days a week and maybe get one day off in between each 7 days and it is spent cleaning -.-

So for a while the pages may be once in a while but I will try to get them up ASAP.

So I hope you enjoy this pretty sunset :D
a week late Yay XD
Sorry there isnt alot of detail on this page but thats cause it was half rushed XD
So here you go :D
This page took me like 6 days to draw and then a whole day to color and shade. Not even joking o.o So I hope it looks ok XD

I feel like there's not enough detail :T