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I like everything Yaoi BUT!! I like a good story.

I am an Otaku and watch too much anime. I love reading manga and drawing it myself. Most of my money is spent on Otaku related things XD

Gravity falls forever!!!

Message me if you have any questions about my comics!!

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I haven't updated in a while cause of some things happeneing at home. The last two weeks were supposed to be my vacation but... The second day of it, a pipe burst in our bathroom on the second floor and flooded our living room on the first floor. There was a huge hole in the ceiling and I had to mop up all the water... Then My mom started Chemo and I didn't have a vacation anymore.

All in all, I'm updating every Thursday again!

I'm sorry for not posting anything to let you guys know what was happening. Everything is ok for now!!

So this page is on time!! I have an extra day to work on it this week :D

My vacation starts next week so updates may be all over the place the next two weeks :P
I've got a lot of relazing to do XD
God dayum wolves are hard to draw DX Man... this page took forever XD

Next weeks page may be a day late, just a heads up!

Enjoy ^w^

Wolves are hard to draw man DX

Anyways, enjoy~ ^w^
Sorry I'm a little late!!

Still going with the every other week updates for now. Lots of stuff going on with work problems and house work.

So!! Enjoy this page!!

Follow me on twitter for comic updates and doodles!!:
Its been a crazy week, but I finally got the page done!! Enjoy!

Ps. The background took so long DX
Matt can't keep secrets from Michelle, she's his best friend!
Go Matt GO!!

Any who, I might not be able to update next week depending on whether I'm busy or not (Probably not XD)

Sorry for not updating last week!! I had NO time to draw anything last week but here's the page now!

A lot has been happening, so July is probably gonna be a month of random updates. I may update every other week for a bit until things settle down ^^''

For now, enjoy Michelle's 'What the hell..." face XD
Tada~ Chapter 4 has now begun!! XD

I'm starting to work a lot more so I may not have as much time to get this comic out on time. So for the summer, my updates might be here and there or a day late, but please stick around!! :)
Alrighty!! Chapter 3 is finished! :D Chapter four will start next Thursday~

Just a heads up that I have a bunch of stuff to do this weekend and I'm also working almost all of next week. I'll try and get the next page up for next Thursday but no promises XD
Just get out of the bathroom Matt! Jeeze XD

Here's the next page!! Only one page left in this chapter and it's onto Chapter 4 :D
Matt doesn't want to talk right now! He's in a very bad situation!!

Anywho, here's this weeks page!! I hope you enjoy cause it's about to get very VERY interesting~ :P
May 25th, 2018
Aquatic dragon babies!!!! They'd be so adorable!! I love your comic so much!! X3
It's Thursday already? Where does the time go!!

Anyways, enjoy the empty hallway I didn't have time to draw DX

I MIGHT not update next week cause I have to work almost every day and my mom wants to do some spring cleaning so... Maybe XD

Poor Michelle almost had a heart attack XD

I thought today was Thursday and not yesterday... Oops

But here's the page, I hope you enjoy~
Poor Matt, didn't pay attention~

Here's this weeks page! I hope you enjoy! The story will get more interesting I swear XD
Matt just gets bored soooo easily XD

Almost forgot today was upload day :O

I was out all day and then preparing for the 11th and got side tracked XD

So here, have a page of two teens being bored together :P
So! Here's the next page I hope you enjoy!

I will be updating on Thursdays now since I always have them off so it gives me time to get everything together. Just in case you didn't see the changes ^w^

...adventure time is life...

Bye! XD
A fay late again! I think uploads are gonna be on Thursdays now. Since that's my only day off and I have time to actually draw XD Finished this a little quickly since I didn't have enough time to work on this.

It gets more interesting I swear!! XD

Enjoy this weeks page. I'll work on next weeks page as soon as possible!!

April 15th, 2018
Have fun traveling!!! I'll be waiting for your return :D <3