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It's good to see Poe has a way to provide the truth for those pesky situations when someone wants to know it. It'd be interesting if the 8ball only tells the truth if it has personal knowledge of it though, so asking it something may result in "Answer Unclear, Please ask again later" forever.

I'm sorry I haven't been as active on commenting as I once was, but the two big D's in my life have been a pain in the ass. Those d's being Depression and The Dicks at work.

I'm making enough to live on my own but not have enough time or money to hang out with friends (assuming I had any) and I'm going to sacrifice more time from my life on a second full time job just to have the money to be able to drive. Assuming I can do that, which I doubt every day, then I'll have even less time for comics and funny things.
@LilithMae There's a good kind of dick for a person to be?
@TheCatMolloy I love continuity errors, though I guess they're a form of torture for artists.

I feel so smart when I notice something different. It's an ego boost, even though a defibrillator would be necessary for mine, the pleasant jolt of the occasional "spot the bug" in the comic is always fun, though I guess I'm fortunate in being able to look past them to see the comics for the awesome comics they are.

Spotting Bummy though is essential. They end up dead all the time now, but they must be watched lest they take over.
@TheCatMolloy Congrats on the new kitten. Got any advice for getting fleas off kittens? I love the subtext for the news report "Nobody died but it's still y'know. News." CNN is jealous!
@GDA You did notice he was flying towards Cloud Bummy's ass didn't you?
Dead Jeff?! :( Aww. He was like the embodiment of my usual behavior in the nekoverse. Wonder what that says about me. Good to see the comic again :D

I like the thought of where that superhero in the back is going, though I don't know that the superhero is going to if clouds have intestines and colons.

So funny story, I'm debating adding a device that would allow me to draw, to the list of stuff that I'll get if I ever have a disposable income. Comics like Girl Genius and Neko the Kitty are making me think about stories and thoughts as comics instead of written words. It would be refreshing, like popping a pimple almost to be able to give those thoughts form even if I can't draw.
Funnily enough I haven't read it yet either, though I know enough of the story to make references.

I try to wait and read the classics of literature whilst undergoing a particularly bad bout of depression. I'm less likely to do anything useful then anyway, and at best the book makes me feel better. Of course reading Dante's Inferno in such a state was just perfect.

When it's quite horrible I'll get around to reading Catcher In The Rye.
Strangely my family has ever only had one cat who didn't turn into a homicidal maniac the minute he was in a box. The rest would scratch and bite at anything approaching the box, or jump out and attack things like they'd been stalking prey.

The cat who did enjoy boxes would sit there and stare at you. Offer him some food and he would sit up a little straighter, but wouldn't try to eat it til you lowered it in the box. Weirdest. Cat. Ever.

I think some cats might realize object permanence is a thing. Mine would sit and wait for you to bring out his favorite toy if you'd hidden it behind your head, under a blanket or in your pocket. He wouldn't accept new toys until a week or so of looking for the old one.

Though maybe it was because he could still smell the things, even if he couldn't see them. Likewise, that a new toy didn't have his scent on them...
@TheCatMolloy Gar I'm trying to find a comic of Jeff and Gar sitting on a bench singing the oompa loompa song, but I don't have my bookmarks on this computer :( Do you remember which it is?
The thing about the internet is, even if something screams SATIRE/COMEDY/HOAX! In bright red letters in chiller font, some idiot will come along and believe it. That's how trolls have their fun after all, I'd figure you would know that.

And yeah, that you get so much humor out of how you act? Kinda scary. Really scary. Freaky.
@VictorB what will it do if someone without any or much hair asks for a Johnny Bravo style pompadour? I don't wanna see how a droid decides to give me more hair than I have.
Cats are stabby little buggers.

On a related note, I have one of those dragon swords.
@GabrielsThoughts Good advice!

I'm starting to think I should endure the debt and do some community college classes. Just cover some of the skills and certifications that are in demand in my area.

As for politics, the skeletons in the closets fun to look at, but otherwise its a boring tangle of corruption, deceit and finger waving about ideals of the elite and rich, none of which I can change so getting my blood pressure up trying is just a waste of time.
I'm starting to wonder if my dog is stuck in an existential crisis. He acts sullen and downtrodden whenever we have a cat in the house, but also goes out of his way to chase and play with them when they are.
There was actually considerable vote fixing during that election. It's a major toss up about who should've actually won.
@GabrielsThoughts It looks like Gar is.
I wish I'd owned a cat so philosophically and subtlety educated. Instead they just lick their lips staring at my food meowing and growling when the next bite doesn't go to them.
Very reminiscent of your sticky-note comics.
My last experience with rollerblades ended with a rather smashing bruised ass. I mean literally. Sitting in a chair was painful as heck. After that...well I didn't find it as much fun to try and learn how to adapt to having wheels for feet.