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June 15th, 2008
Bonjour! Les dessins sont adorables, j'ai hate de voir la suite! Ah, impossible de lire la troisieme bulle, le texte est trop serre...
o_O stunning!
Cutest thing of the month!!!
And great comic, bravo, your drawings are beautiful and the story very intriguing.
:) Best comic I've read for weeks!! Thx you ^3^
This page is really beautiful...
And damn, that new chara is HOT! Do dark elves have special hottyness genes XD?

Thx for updates, keep it on, I love it!
Excellent comic!
Lol, chris crocker... He's quite funny :)
You're comic rocks! It's funny, very well done, you have lovely characters. Nice :)
: / I don't know if I like very much laughing of scarifications...
Dont worry for your lateness, we know you have a life. And thx you for this page, so well-done!
^3^ Cho is very cute on this.
o la la, rommy is so beautifull... I would choose bailey, she really is cute... Well Hannah is hot too :b
Aaarh this hiatus page HURTS!
Nevermind, I hope you'll feel better soon, it's more important than a comic of course. :)
Lol, how can jade says things like that with such a straight face???
Omfg... *_*
So beautiful and very unique, the atmosphere it spreads is...
Lovely lovely, and beautifully lighted...

ps: sorry for bad english...
:) Aaaaaw...
Bravo!!! Thx for this wonderful comic!
Yep, it's beautiful :)
Thx for update
:) The story and the atmosphere of this comic rocks! Quite rareto have something serious and not only romantical.
owo Thx
:) Okay, so this have become my favourite comic on smackjeeves. Keep it, you do such a great job...
No wonder why he's skinny lol
It's cute :)