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@Casanova: Fixed. ^.^
In today's comic, Flora finds it hard to adjust.
@Ryeven: Nope, it's not you. It happened because I had to upload a lot of new files, and the wrong file was chosen. Thank you for pointing this out! ^.^
@tomatogoatee: And the funny thing about that it's not uncommon for kits of rabbits with different colors to look completely random compared to the parents, like someone shook up the gene pool. The reason why I keep Flora, Kaleb, and her mom all white is for my own artistic sanity, and not just to show generation similarity.
Okay, well I thought I made that clear enough that WS is the subject of the sentence by placing him in the predicate, but I guess not. :/ Anyhow, I've reworded it slightly to improve the clarity of the noun relationships.
@Estoc: Like father, like future husband. Except Flora's maiden name wouldn't be Veloux.
June 10th, 2017
@Long Tom: indeed, but it was a different time,and they were seen as artistic.
@memBrain: When I originally published them, that was how they were shown, but unfortunately, they did create some jarring contrasts when shown between the main storyline. I cannot separate them without creating a new profile, however. This is why I now have them in their own chapter to allow cleaning reading of the main story.
@memBrain: What's your thoughts on things since I replaced the older strips with higher reslution versions earlier this month?
@Crumpet: Thanks, and thank you for all the interesting comments!
@microbuss: Brightheart, actually. :) Braveheart is a lion.
@Joe: Unless I can get the host to provide mature tags to individual comic pages, it will have to remain on. Since my host is not an art site dedicated to hosting individual works of art, I don't think they would be willing to budge on it, so it would likely remain all, or nothing.

There are two sides to having the tag on, really. If I keep it off, then I would have to limit the discussion and visuals, as I had done prior; However, leaving it on will allow for deeper discussion. I don't want to just gloss over the issues relating to certain characters, but I don't want to ignore them, either. For example: Talitha. She has only been told that she did something wrong, but she doesn't know what. She was only doing what she felt was normal.
In today's comic, there are questions.
@Sunny: Flora hasn't even reached puberty yet in this flashback.
That's correct, although i really never show them. I did have a Sunday strip planned to address this, but I've scrapped it due to not having time to work on it.
@joe: This strip was ultimately the reason why I turned on the mature flag. There came a point where I decided that could no longer just vaguely dance around the subject at hand, and that started with hunter's confession, building up from there.

Another problem is the nature of a flashback. Especially one that I don't want to drag on forever. I need to explain and show enough about what's going on without having to go into an entire sub-arc to explain it in order to get the message across.
In today's comic, Flora makes a choice.
May 22nd, 2017
Today's comic is a surprise inspection.

And just a heads up, if you'd like to discuss this, or any other strip, the forums are open for discussions!
In today's comic, Benni objects.
Today's comic, well, isn't pretty.