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Call me Kata. I like muffins. I draw all my avatars. Pancakes.

Current Avatar: JER SCREM

I'm a graphics artist, and will color pages and things if asked. :D I can do the photoshops! Mostly I just haunt some epic stories and do designs for things. I'd personally love to start my own comic, but lack the patience and skills to start (or finish) one. So all you peoples out there that do make awesome comics, EPIC PROPS!

I did have a deviantArt but due to technical difficulties and outdated internets I can't really use the site anymore. :( If for some reason you figure out who I am from someplace else (unlikely unless u is a stalker omg), don't mention the kind of comics I enjoy. I'm extremely...paranoid.

|D Like for serious. Don't mention it. I will haunt all your ham sammiches if you do. FOREVER.
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Okay I chuckled uncontrollably for a good full minute. This is too cute.
June 20th, 2016
Once a week updates are absolutely fine. I'd rather you keep your sanity, at least as much sanity as you can keep with a job AND school.

Poor Nia should ask good ol' Uncle Tanashi about those ears of hers.
Oh gosh, I hope you get a good chance to rest yourself soon. Glad to hear you're still here, but please don't add the stress of rushing for an update on top of everything else until you're ready. Get feeling better soon and you'll be in my thoughts.
February 12th, 2016
Woo!! :D
oh my gosh not-so-smol fluff babby
You know, there's a way to extend the life of your markers a little longer using some isopropal rubbing alcohol. The 91% kind seems to be the best.

It involves pulling the nibs out. Anyway, take your time hun! We'll be patient :D
The first thing I thought when I saw that last panel XD
September 26th, 2014
Oh dear me I clicked on this and immediately thought "this style seems familiar why is this familiar" and down I scrolled to see who was the author and--YOU.

Zimeta you wonderful person you've hooked me again and I've only just barely glanced the first page!
First time commenting, long time reader, but that was one hell of a ride! :) It was a great comic, and a proper ending.

Not many could pull off a zelda rewrite, but you did it excellently. Thank you for the ride!
@you guys

Guys I don't think she'll be able to be a Rider if she's always drugged up. He's not handing her the job, he's giving her the motivation to quit.

Also the faces on this page are AMAZING. Your style changed recently, or you're on a really good streak, because I'm loving Tommie's face in these last few pages.

Then again I always appreciate Tommie's face.
Okay, I laughed way too hard at that joke.
Blue is best wife. Yes.
I know what it's like to go on hiatus. Some people just don't understand. Besides, I had faith that you'd come back to it, and I'll keep watching even if it takes an extra year or two! :) Glad to hear you're doing well, too. Good luck!
-Haunts into the conversation-
@GabrielsThoughts: To many artists their sketchbook is sacred. It's their ideas and dreams poured in visual manifestation onto paper. If someone does so much as smear a page some artists go nuts and swear blood and revenge on the perpetrator.

But besides that Joy made Kimmy draw Gary as an anus and for that Gary destroyed her sketchbook. So it's Joy's fault. -Haunts away-
*joins you in tryptophan induced food coma* Longtime reader, first time commenting. I'm loving the subtle colors lately, they're perfect.
From "Yay new page!" to "omg wat" in under 2 seconds. Love it when comics do that :D
November 23rd, 2013
a new bottle of 1ups
Last panel = <3

It's not lame, Kaito. You knew for a long time that it was Shuno's secret hope that he'd be a father some day...Okay, your sister's bathroom was probably not the best place for this revelation, but still!
I-my brain-this-finally-amazing-unmanlynoises
November 19th, 2013
*rereads chapter 57, takes a knife right in the feels* ;_;
November 18th, 2013
I just literally got over having some sort of weird man-mom complex yesterday and bothering the hell out of everyone in my family about it. Then I click on this and remember the beginning of chapter 28 when Kaito has that weird dream sequence and then this happens just omg.

...The fact that I remember what chapter that happened on does not make me a creepy fanboy...right? ;_; Right??