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Just like, I am see so many parallels between Julius and Claude in comparison to Sergio and Simon. Shy guy blushness very uke dark haired guys, and arrogant seeming sarcastic guy with actual lots of caring colorful guys. Gives so many warm and fuzzies. Plus, the two hand holding thing, Sergio totally does that with Simon earlier, and if that's like a family thing too, that is so freakin' adorable.
I love you guys :)
OMGeezus, Simon's face in the last panel, I just don't know what to do with myself... D: And sleepy Sergio is so cuddleable I can barely stand it. And the fact that Simon still looks all worried even as he teleports to point at the dog for Serge's enlightenment, even the magic dog king looks worried... ^_^ Marvelousness!
And of COURSE Nilus is always real, silly Simon. :P
This was marvelousness! I missed you guys >_< I love the fact that the guyliner look is still so apparent too, lol.
Nilus plus puppy is great :D
O.o Fantabulousness!!
So, the puppy, totally genius, lol. I'm guessing that the puppy is out of the stuff that was floating out of Sergio, and said boy is still passed out in Simon's lap ^_^
Oh, and we now know that "Vampires do not daylight explode!" for sure!