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@Swimmerkaylee: Haha yes please please please let that happen...... :""""(
@VikingScarecrow: Thankyou! I'm impressed you could tell what type of flower it was @.@
Thanks for sticking with ~
@VikingScarecrow: Oh my gosh thank you!! I totally didn't notice 0.o
This page is so faint I think I need to re-do it anyway :P
I swear I'm not giving up !
This will just be a short break to let me get adjusted to Uni and suss out my workload / how I'm going to scan in pages.
Also I need to plan where the story is going... haha
@VikingScarecrow: :) I assume by medic you mean a sexy Alarvardo kissing him better... -3-
42 will of course be the answer !!! :D
Theses comics are great keep it up ~
February 18th, 2012
Just discovered it and love where this comic is going <3
Please keep updating? :) no pressure ! ~
Hey! I Followed the link above, and have just read all the chapters so far in one sitting :) In relation to the recent revelation in Amanda's past, I had my suspicions for a while because of how sketchy the step-brother is and because it was clear there was something big in her past that Chris somehow knew about... But I only knew for certain as soon as she reacted to Chris grabbing her shoulders. The foreshadowing is well done, and I'm really captivated by the plot :)
I think i prefer Rain... However I will definitely will be checking back for updates on Lavender Town :D
(btw I commented here because I didn't want to sign up on deviant art. )
Love the picture !
Your art is amazing :O
Although I prefer Dice's hair the way it was... *runs and hides*
take your time :) I love this comic but real life is also very important haha :P
@VikingScarecrow: haha you have fun climbing those mountains - as for me I'll stay down here on the ground were I can watch the BL close up ^.^
Glad you like them :)
Yay! I was worried this comic had died... glad to see you back :) <3
Everything looks so faint on this page!!! AHHHG.
Thats It. I'm drawing in 4B from now on.
Also sorry for the tacky dialogue... -.-
This another page done using Seashore / Word. Worked out okay in the end, although the thought bubble is pretty tacky :P
<3 Thanks for reading!!! OTL I promise it gets more interesting ~
February 13th, 2012
thank you for a wonderful chapter! I always look forward to reading Rain, it's interesting and realistic ~
My favourite character is Kylie btw :)
@YaoiGirl09: I'm glad that you like them!!! :) Maybe it makes up for the stick-figure characters... OTL
I've made this page using a combination of Seahorse and Word... confusing, I know, and it was tough. And I don't know how to get rid of those annoying borders around each "layer." (not my thick black ones, which had to be done in Word..)
RIP Paint. (IPaint and Paintbrush really don't cut it)
Less boring pages to come ~
@VikingScarecrow: Thankyou! I would like that too :)
@YaoiGirl09: haha yes Lias is a very cheeky boy indeed... XP
Then again this is pretty much standard doggy behaviour... haha
So I bought myself a new mac with some hard earned money and now I no-longer have Paint!!! GAH!!! Paint was like my life. I tried using the new Word to do this but that failed... I managed in the end with this single little picture, but I don't know how I'm going to format several sketches together with speech and etc... Any good programs any of you can suggest?
Also now that I'm at uni it shall be hard to scan in my drawings. Not only finding a scanner free to use but also avoiding people who will glance over and be all: "Nice drawings, what are they- OMG WHAT ARE THEY DOING EW THATS SO GROSS WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DRAW THAT?!?" Yeah we always have to remember that not everyone is yaoi fan-girl (or boy?) like we are :( And some people are major phobes.
Anyway, enough ranting. Thanks for reading :) I know 7 fans is probably not something to rave about (especially seeing as that is including myself... -.-) but I'm seriously chuffed <3 Love you all!