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Hm... I think he would text something creepy and funny. Something like "I'm behind you" or "So you wear boxers huh? :)" or even "Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you :)" just to make Dylan be very freaked out~

Something that will bother the human and amuse the vampire ahahaha! x3~
That really hurted me ): So beautiful and sad and... And made me feel special, I admit!

I'm looking forward to read your next comic!
Aww, Carter D: I feel bad for you now! If even getting drunk is not going to work, then there is nothing you can do :<
Ken freaking out like a teenager for the wrong reasons: lovely sight.
I had a pink room too D: My mother thought that I was going to be normal, but fate is a real bitch. Thank got we painted the room again; I was going to kill myself with four pink walls.

Good luck with your room!
Poor Dylan ): I bet it's karma for bringing up Joa's past without thinking on the consequences.

My bad english is bad ):
@Arachibutyrophobia: I wasn't even near D:

Well, congrats for both girls! :D [I hope they are girls LOL]
December 22nd, 2011
You draw very prettily~ And, somehow, I feel it's going to be a good webcomic to read :3 Very good summary, it totally caught my attention!
I just found your webcomic and I'm very pleased. It's a smart and very promising story, I can't wait to read more of it!
@T8rtoes: Best comment EVER! :D So true!
Good one, Dylan! Very smart of you to make the vampire, who will suck your blood every now and then, angry with you! :D
That moment when your vacations come and the first thing you see are Transfusions charms *_* Seriously, that's a lovely sight xD

So, I want them, obviously xD Don't know what I would give Joa or Dylan for Christmas because I suck at this, but probably it would be, for Dylan, a nice photography book and Joa would receive... I don't know, Dylan?

Shit, I'm too obvious!

Anyway, congratulations for the 1000 fans! It's well deserved.
Nao is so cute~ I hope Hiroshi's family likes him >:
Yeah, I wwas right. Joa is in love~
Hisu/Taron is so cute! I hope they get together!~
Joa falled in love LOL
I loved Carter's pissed face x3 It's cute, but real. I think that he never thought he would really like Adrien that much. It's nice and very real.
How am I going to study latin now after I saw such a sad face? D:

My day was destroyed by his broken heart ;_;
My heart is hurting me now ;-;
His name, his name! Oohh finally! *_*

But it's true, Mr. Vampire/Red will be always his name in our minds and hearts!

And damn, he really is sexy, even with lots of blood in his mouth!