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Bella the cat, at your service. Warning, I tend to ramble!

I finally updated this, after what, 2 years? Anyway, if for some bizarre reason you want to contact me, you can find me over at FA -pokes link- (though it's mostly dead and filled with shamefully bad art) or Neopets (goldennightfox). Woo.
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So. I just got back to reading webcomics. Oh. My. God. I think Shina-Minai has the right of it. :)

I can't wait for more~!! I totally remember now why this is my favorite comic here and I'm ashamed I haven't been keeping up. Your art and storytelling is AMAZING. Keep up the good work! *flails with happy*
Thank you for deciding to continue this comic! :D Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful art!
This is wonderful news! I am very glad to hear that Count Spades will be be back. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
Nidoran is totally a dinosaur-rabbit. Totally. o__o

Ah~ I love coming back from a trip and seeing updates. Especially of this comic.

I LOVE the expressions here.
Especially DT in the fourth panel.
And oh my gosh that EYE. (and the Nidoran's teeth and spikes too) Those close-up shots are epic. Gotta ask - do you also draw the... I think they're called action lines? by hand, or do you add them later? (sorry for the random question...)

Anyway, AWESOME page (again), and looking forward to more! Keep up the great work!
Love the look of contempt on Ariel's face. Looks like he want's to give "Mister" Charles a few more punches. Which I approve. Though I approve him running after Eric even more. (o o)d

And Claire just earned a few more "Princess Claire is awesome" points. c:
Happy birthday!! Hope your day is really wonderful!
S-suicune... ;o;
The poor child. He looks so miserable there.

Ah~ and poor Entei, too. Running right into a trap. D:
Gee Ariel, what will you do? :D
Will you go back to your room, and pretend nothing happened, or will you go after Eric and comfort him?

Seriously though, I could see this going both ways. >3

This page is great - love the expressions!! Poor Eric. ;m; *gives him hugs*
*raises hand* I'm somewhat surprised. Though thinking about it, it makes sense.

Poor DT, so terrified, than confused. x3 He's still adorable though.

And I'm probably sounding redundant, but again, a beautiful page. (o o)d
OR he isn't stupid at all, and doesn't care about stuff like that. He strikes me as more of a "oh? you wanna be friends? thanks!" sort of guy. x3

Anyway, lovely page, again. Can't wait to see what happens!!
I haven't overthought this, really...
...I always just thought that it was something like a screw-back pin that attackes to the holes in the belt, and attaches to a hole in the Pokeball.
Or there's some sort of concave part of the belt (of course, it's a special made belt) that it can be stuck in deeply enough without falling out.

Or magic. Magic works. >>;;;

*cough* Anyway, beautiful page. The first panel is amazing - it looks perfect, the expression is awesome. And Kahn's hair on this page... wow. Never really noticed it before, but I love the way you shade it!
>w< LOVE their expressions here. Ariel looks so happy.

And your wrong. You aren't cool like that. You're AMAZINGAWESOMEOHMYGOSHFANTASTIC. c:
Love Char's mortified face. xD

Wonder whar's up. :o
Provided it's not the -other- doctor, that is. x3

Ah~ another lovely page. Keep up the great work!
While I agree that Emery's advice is sound, it could also lead to unfortunate side-effects. Such as certain important deadlines passing. ;;

Hug-induced glee - awesome line, simply awesome. xD
I LOOOVVVVVVVE the color. c:

And DT's expression in the last panel. Ha! Take that Atty! DT loves you anyway. c:
I, too, enjoy your traditional coloring more. You're really good at it!!

And traditional works wonderfully with this story. c:
I'm a new reader here, and I just want to say this is really great so far. Char's really cute, too. c: Looking forward to more!

Also, the Pokedex idea is really good. ^^
I'm glad you're continuing this!

I vote no on the explicit content. I'm not comfortable reading/seeing that stuff. ): But that's just me. Do what you feel is best.
Emery - don't be a jerk. Whatever you're gonna tell Eric to do better not be anything bad. :(

Awesome page, as usual. Poor Eric... Can't wait for more!

And fic with a short comic is fine, even if we don't get to see more of your lovely art. ;P
But seriously, I like your writing too, so either way is fine with me! ^_^

And good luck with your finals! *cheers you on*