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Male, 50, 4 kids, learning guitar, work in hospital

Was that short enough? :-)
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    Cody Durnberger
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Who says he's dead yet?
If you're in a fair fight then your tactics obviously suck.
Seal the bear in with the monster? Could make eternity interesting.
Well, except for the scythe she really doesn't look like death. Unless it's that woman are the death of us all.
Wait! You're saying Steve's afraid of the dark?
What about Sir Mauls A Lot? Deploy the bear and regroup.
@Djoing: She better hope not. Wonder if this will give her a clue as to who she's really dealing with. She does seem a bit brighter than the rest.
Sally is NOT going to be understanding. Nor is she going to be "kind" to any woman trying to enchant Steve.
So that's where the cricket bat went!
He's challenging Death? Please tell me he isn't going to try cheating Death. :-)
Why does this make me think of the Fifth Element? ( Where did he learn to negotiate? )
Uh ohhh... Steve has that look in his eyes. I suspect Mr. Mouthy is about to learn a painful truth.
Just how bright is she? Ignoring whats happened before, she plans to kill her "friend" and use her as a sacrifice WITHOUT Death finding out? Ummmm.. genius at work here...
Is this Sally's version of Whack a Mole?
Forgetting about them summoning demons (which they seem to be afraid of) they've seen what Sally can do and they're still arguing with her. Smart they aren't.
Nah... she's just having fun trying to scare those girls to death.
Wonder what would happen if the IRS ever decided to audit Steve?
Oh good, not taxes then. I was scared there for a minute.
A "hands on" approach is always so much better, and more fun.