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I succesfully driven off the mockers! PM Me on how to get rid of those pests! (not violent, and it works PERFECTLY)

*sigh* my internet is being retarted, i'm currently only able to update one comic... and that's "Smash! Another SSB comic" and soon i won't be able to go on Smackjeeves... period... any way this may be the last you hear of me for while, so for now, FAREWELL! (but i'll be back‚Å‚·.)
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I'm an Author of the comic and
I tried my best to keep AWAY from all the stuff you said... (although I kinda went there) You don't have to hate it THAT much... but then again... A review is a review... I guess it's fair so whatever.
Well i wanna review Mudkipz, b ut i'm sorta IN that one so i can't so can someone do that for me?
And you get permissions, cuz they're needed to post ans schtuff
when i learn how to use flash.... For now I'll keep making comics. Also I'll make a comic based on your idea....
I'm not blaming, I'm thanking ya!
uuuh. These aren't the godmodders. But this can be part of the story
That's for me to know and you to find out! >:3
My Platform!
Alright! Here's the main plot! Pretty generic though... Also the Mystery of the R.A.M.P Has been revealed! It was Metaknight! (AKA Scruffy! :3)
Well I asked a little early: Can I cameo sometime in this comic?
Who needs a wedding ring? I got a wedding plunger!
... Hey, Lug, Can I Cameo in this comic?
O Hai!
I can haz Cheezburger?
Also he's a different guy
Hey, Now!
What do you mean, "Don't think so"? There's ALWAYS room for more!

#EDIT# I dunno who did it, but someone here invited you for me. Please join! The more the merrier!
What the...?
All goes dark, what will happen?!?!?! Hopefully not another running gag?!?

... yeah I'm still updating.... READ DARN YOU, READ!!!!!!! BlaAAaaAAaaAArrgh!!~ Nyaaa :3
Okay! I'll review a comic soon. I'll review the final zone if not taken
who knows, maybe.....
I think i can say... YOU'RE TOO SLOOOOOW!!! >:D
What are you still doing here?
run while you can, then when your safe THEN call the cops.... That's what i would do anyway..... Stop reading my comment and run! every second counts.. I want you alive, you read? ALIVE! I don't wanna be alone... oh wait i already am T_T

...on a serious note. Yeah.... run and call the cops... i don't wanna be alone....