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At this moment i'm working on my first manga.
and i am so excited to know what people think about it.
what can i tell you more about myself...
oh i'm the type of person that flips every time someone leaves a comment and the type that keeps on re-doing drawings till my hand falls of.
can't wait for the next page~
I like it so far.
i love your style ,it's so soft.
i feel sad for her~
they are so adorable~
they look cute~
i like how you used pink for the girl and blue for the boy.
so many details~
i like the colours.
° u °
this manga is so~
adoable ° u °
can't wait fo the next page.
this comic is realy good so far.
I have to fave it~
why do peaple hate non-humans,that boy was so cute and innocent.
wow so many details
I love it~
° o °