Hello, I am not very interesting.
July 19th, 2017
Fish knows where the REAL humor is
July 16th, 2017
@toman222: i do have a patreon which helps a lot but also a day job, other than that its completely passion-based and done in my free time
hey all, not gonna b updating this wednesday (and potentially friday) to give myself a chance to catch up on pages. sorry for the delay!
June 14th, 2017
@Awkwardpotato: of course!! we love fancharacters! :D
whats up we're back get ready for some FUN
SQUASH that beef

this marks the end of Arc 11, Part 2!!! aiming for part 3 to start in two weeks or less- in the meantime, you can follow WIPs, status updates, and bonus content on our Patreon!

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April 28th, 2017
this is the second of a two-page update!! step back a lil in case you missed the first one 0;

also, im really sorry to leave on such a cliffhanger, but there probably wont be any updates for a week and a half since im gonna be going over to england!?! @__@;; ill try to update from over there if i can but,, no promises,,!!

ill see u all soon tho! thanks for reading skeptical, and i hope u all love my Beautiful Daughter who is FINALLY HERE HOO BOY
@Guest: sorry about that!! made the bubbles lighter so there's more contrast, let me know if its still hard to read!
@Lonely Heartless: that would only make sense!!
April 12th, 2017
@Charlotte057: yup, u read it right; slon def has some (unrequited) feelings for louie :[
April 10th, 2017
Hi Slon Bye Slon

(also check out the new cast page!!! its not done yet but shout out 2 smackjeeves for helping with the html!!!!)
@Psyzan: im mostly using downloaded brushes actually, but the default brushes are still pretty nice!

also thank you so much for all your nice comments ;___; !! its not annoying at all, i really appreciate it!!!
it is finally the end... of the handwritten speech bubble drought ..! and also the dawning clip studio paint era??? im still learning how to use it so sorry if things look kinda weird for a little while!! @_@;

yall are so sweet i'm gonna cry ;;o;;
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March 24th, 2017
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March 22nd, 2017
@Terrafre32: oh i wouldn't say that they have no need to worry- they need a pretty hefty amount of energy to teleport, and even more is needed if they're taking others with them. Its harder to teleport with someone/something thats bigger than they are, and its also way harder to teleport to and from the human world to SPL than it is to teleport like. across a field or something. i hope that makes sense!