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I like men who like men.
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Angel, your art has gotten so UNF lately~ <3 Keep up the gorgeousness!

Well it may not be a magikarp, but I still sort of love it. And DAT NAME! <3
Fish! Fish monster! A fish monster that flops around behind them and can only use splash until it grows up into a super awesome giant fish monster!!
Oh god this page is amazing. XD
Glad to see you're not dead. <3 But perhaps you meant "Let's see how GOOD you are at English"?
I adore you <3
So glad you're back!!
So cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! X3 <3
Lol "Honey Bear"? X3 Tee hee
Ahhhhhhh! Can't wait for Volume 2! X3
So many questions left unanswered! So many mysteries and cliffhangers left untouched!
Cheers to two years!! Here's looking forward to the coming years of Coterie!
ADORABLE. I want a Loki puppet now. :') Also, is it just me or is Aiden lookin' especially buff today? ;)
I'm eagerly awaiting the flash of light and emergence of SUPER SAIRYS that I'm 1000% sure is coming. :3 Ooo I wonder if he'll have a cape. Please let him have a cape! X3
I'd like to imagine it as something like "Hungry. How about a bite to eat? LOL GEDDIT?"
And then right after,
"But seriously, get your ass home. I'm starving."
I laughed so hard at his pose in the last panel. DEM WRISTS. He looks like he's about to break into a dance.
My shipper senses are going crazy right now.