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I guess everyone missed the spot that She as teacher was younger than the kids she teach to :3
April 20th, 2016
@Faewild: I like this narration, I feel it's refreshing ¢¾
April 14th, 2016
Remind me of something but I just can't put a finger on it !
*joking* First time I thought her badge has King and not Kina written on it
At least write them in a book, at least you can save them for future generation !
November 18th, 2015
@Rann: Good to see you back Rann

PS : J'espère que ça va bien pour toi avec tout ce qu'il s'est passé. *grocâlin*
November 17th, 2015
I ship it too !
I always suspected he had a "crush" on her at this time ;)
Let's see the bright side. At least this time you're floating !

@Falconer: congratz \o/
I'll go for triple C too !
Now I'm puzzled, is the answer 42 or cookies ?
I could have said I care about Jocelynn, but it would have been hypocrite, I just can't even imagine what she was going through all those years.
I could have bully the ones that bullied Jocelynn but it would be stupid and only make more hate.
I've decided to do only one thing :
*hug Jocelynn*
Because love spread like this.
Just give me a minute !

*grabbing Anxiety's neck to make him shut up forever*
You almost scary me with the beast of doom thing and yes I saw the monty python's movie and bunny can be dreadful >.<
Why not drawing Rudy as Ruby and Ruby as Rudy and so on for all the characters ?
Like this, you make two cross-over and everyone happy :3
(and give yourself two time more work, sorry ^^; )
Happy Birthday Lynn !
Congratz for your Sis'
Who's this special Silver Rose that appears in both your stories. You seems really fond of the charater ^^
@Linn: If you want to look handsome, Lokk handsome ! I sware you can do it ! hips can be hidden with large clothes and you can still work on a masculine expression on your face (or use some cosmetic to help, a teacher said to me that a big difference between male and female on a face was that the male face have eyes deeper in the skull, so maybe you can faint it with cosmetic)