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Long story about my disappearance. Well, not so much long but boring.

Reviews soon. Maybe. Fuckin' summer break and all. I've lost a lot of interest in this site, though. Might move on, might go on with my project. Shit son, gotta make a decision.
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Indeed, your dickbaggery is legendary.
Yeah, okay, weirdu. I really don't give a shit about how you're watching me, and I give even less of a shit about your opinion of me.
I don't think a boring conversation with Shadowfan can exist, that little scamp!

And huh, seeing this posted up did remind me of homestuck. That comic even had trolls that typed funny.
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(5:50:40 AM) Shadowfan0X90: rad
(5:50:52 AM) Rad Rocket: Oh shit, look who unblocked me!
(5:50:57 AM) Rad Rocket: It's Shadowfan
(5:51:05 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ya ya ok u are syeed?
(5:51:10 AM) Rad Rocket: Pfft
(5:51:21 AM) Rad Rocket: Where would a silly idea like that get in your head?
(5:51:30 AM) Shadowfan0X90: syeed told me him was u
(5:51:33 AM) Rad Rocket: lol
(5:51:44 AM) Shadowfan0X90: your not him???
(5:51:54 AM) Rad Rocket: Yeah, he was lying.
(5:51:58 AM) Shadowfan0X90: omfg i known it
(5:52:15 AM) Rad Rocket: Yeah, sooooo is that it?
(5:52:37 AM) Shadowfan0X90: well i need to no some things
(5:52:45 AM) Rad Rocket: Okay, shoot.
(5:52:57 AM) Shadowfan0X90: who is tailsthefoxes
(5:53:12 AM) Rad Rocket: Well, it was either Syeed or Pizzaman
(5:53:29 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ok...
(5:53:32 AM) Rad Rocket: Really, I see those guys as interchangeable
(5:53:37 AM) Shadowfan0X90: u was team with them?
(5:54:01 AM) Rad Rocket: Ha, no, I told you already that I had nothing to do with any of it
(5:54:14 AM) Shadowfan0X90: I DONT BELEAVE U
(5:54:19 AM) Shadowfan0X90: YOUR MARIO THE TANOKI
(5:54:26 AM) Rad Rocket: Bro, I don't even know who the fuck that is
(5:54:39 AM) Shadowfan0X90: OK
(5:54:48 AM) Shadowfan0X90: SO YOUR SAYIGN U WASNT ON THERE TEA<
(5:54:57 AM) Rad Rocket: Nope, definitely not on their tea. Or their team.
(5:55:45 AM) Rad Rocket: Yeah, I played along. I also said I was you. I told everyone later that I was kidding
(5:55:55 AM) Shadowfan0X90: WTF Y WOUL U DO THAT I THOGHT IT WAS U
(5:56:07 AM) Rad Rocket: Maaan, does it look like I give a shit about any of that
(5:56:26 AM) Rad Rocket: I don't really take that shit seriously and I guess I made the assumption that you'd see that I was kidding. I mean, I'd probably continue to play along with them if you actually understood that.
(5:56:35 AM) Rad Rocket: Well, aside from one thing, I'd never pretend to be an asshole who deletes shit. That's one thing I'd never want to be seen as, a fuckin' backstabber who destroys shit.
(5:56:43 AM) Shadowfan0X90: RAD WTF
(5:57:34 AM) Rad Rocket: Bro, I've never been anything but upfront with you. The only lie was me playing along with them, and if I tried to post a comment there pointing out that I was kidding, they'd delete it.
(5:57:39 AM) Rad Rocket: Didn't you read my fuckin' PM?
(5:58:00 AM) Shadowfan0X90: no i was mad becaus of tailsthefoxes i thoght u was him send a pm to make a joke of me
(5:58:24 AM) Rad Rocket: Well, yeah, no, if you actually read it, it's a brief explanation that I was actually uninvolved
(5:58:42 AM) Shadowfan0X90: OK what ever so u are pizza man then?
(5:58:48 AM) Rad Rocket: What kind of question is that
(5:58:58 AM) Rad Rocket: I just told you I was uninvolved, and pizzaman was obviously involved
(5:59:06 AM) Rad Rocket: I was on your side, bro
(5:59:13 AM) Shadowfan0X90: idjwaaae
(5:59:15 AM) Shadowfan0X90: adsjad
(5:59:17 AM) Rad Rocket: lol
(5:59:21 AM) Rad Rocket: Mashing your keyboard?
(5:59:44 AM) Rad Rocket: What the fuck happened, why are you all upset. Didn't this shit happen months ago?
(5:59:55 AM) Shadowfan0X90: shuit the f*ck up rad
(6:00:00 AM) Rad Rocket: No seriously
(6:00:12 AM) Rad Rocket: This is a bit late to be discussing this with me
(6:00:20 AM) Shadowfan0X90: syeed was a troller
(6:00:28 AM) Shadowfan0X90: him just made a joke of me all a long
(6:00:38 AM) Rad Rocket: That is... a surprise? what the fuck
(6:00:43 AM) Rad Rocket: I've been saying that all along
(6:00:49 AM) Shadowfan0X90: I THOGHT HE WAS A FRIEND
(6:01:05 AM) Rad Rocket: No, dude, I dunno how you got that idea in your head
(6:01:24 AM) Shadowfan0X90: he was nice and helped and even made a sqa game
(6:01:52 AM) Rad Rocket: Yeah, okay, and I made a shitload of comics for you and stood up for you, why give him all this special treatment
(6:02:14 AM) Shadowfan0X90: i thoght u was pizzaman and u was a betrayer tried to trick me...
(6:02:23 AM) Shadowfan0X90: u was mad becaus i kicked u of the comic
(6:02:33 AM) Shadowfan0X90: u sweared at me when i kickd u off
(6:02:37 AM) Rad Rocket: what
(6:02:41 AM) Rad Rocket: I wasn't mad
(6:02:49 AM) Rad Rocket: I hadn't updated and didn't really give a shit anymore
(6:02:55 AM) Shadowfan0X90: WHY U SWEARED
(6:03:11 AM) Rad Rocket: I swear like every other fuckin' word. I was probably just expressing disappointment
(6:03:24 AM) Shadowfan0X90: omfg
(6:03:35 AM) Rad Rocket: Oh my fucking god indeed
(6:03:38 AM) Rad Rocket: I will be kill today
(6:03:50 AM) Shadowfan0X90: stop
(6:04:07 AM) Rad Rocket: So was you ending that comic a part of this syeed thing?
(6:04:14 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ye dont speak of it more
(6:04:29 AM) Rad Rocket: Ha, okay
(6:04:44 AM) Rad Rocket: Anyways bro, for real
(6:04:57 AM) Rad Rocket: I'd never do shit to attack you or anything
(6:05:27 AM) Rad Rocket: I wouldn't say I'm your friend or anything, but I'm nothing like Syeed or Pizzaman or whoever the fuck has been messing with you
(6:05:38 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ................
(6:06:53 AM) Rad Rocket: But I do have a question for you, though
(6:07:08 AM) Rad Rocket: I want an honest answer here, are you trolling?
(6:07:12 AM) Shadowfan0X90: OMFG
(6:07:13 AM) Shadowfan0X90: WHY
(6:07:14 AM) Shadowfan0X90: DOES
(6:07:19 AM) Shadowfan0X90: PPL ASK HTIS
(6:07:29 AM) Shadowfan0X90: I CANT BELIEVE U SAID THIS
(6:07:38 AM) Rad Rocket: Gosh, sorry
(6:07:43 AM) Rad Rocket: It's just. Shit.
(6:07:48 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ITS WHAT
(6:07:57 AM) Rad Rocket: You're just so awesome
(6:08:01 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ??????????????????
(6:08:05 AM) Shadowfan0X90: TROLLS ISNT AWSOME
(6:08:31 AM) Rad Rocket: Fine, your English is a bit ridiculous and your comic seems like a parody
(6:08:37 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ?????
(6:08:46 AM) Rad Rocket: Why is that a surprising thing to say
(6:08:53 AM) Rad Rocket: I've been saying it from day 1
(6:09:00 AM) Shadowfan0X90: U MAKE A JOKE OF ME
(6:09:17 AM) Rad Rocket: Nah, I don't want to make fun of you, I really really don't
(6:09:28 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ????
(6:10:02 AM) Rad Rocket: Look, I really enjoy your comics and all the shit you do, even if it's not for the reasons you think I should
(6:10:34 AM) Rad Rocket: I thought you were a smackjeeves member who made an account to make fun of all the people who make shitty comics
(6:10:41 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ............................
(6:10:53 AM) Shadowfan0X90: what ever rad
(6:11:22 AM) Rad Rocket: Man, don't go all quiet on me. I'm just being honest.
(6:13:27 AM) Rad Rocket: I joined you because I thought we had a common goal, a goal to criticize the shit out of smackjeeves comics.
(6:13:44 AM) Rad Rocket: Just tell the truth. I won't blow your cover if you're a troll, you can trust me
(6:13:47 AM) Shadowfan0X90: OMFG
(6:13:53 AM) Shadowfan0X90: im not a troll
(6:13:57 AM) Shadowfan0X90: stop sayign this
(6:14:11 AM) Rad Rocket: All right
(6:14:16 AM) Rad Rocket: I'll accept that you're the real deal
(6:14:42 AM) Rad Rocket: All the same, really, I just kinda hoped I'd get to meet the man behind the man, but maybe he doesn't exist
(6:14:49 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ??????????????
(6:14:55 AM) Shadowfan0X90: now your just talkign nonsince
(6:15:07 AM) Shadowfan0X90: your just like syeed u probly are him
(6:15:22 AM) Rad Rocket: Duuuuuude, don't go there. I'm not Syeed, I'm not anyone else
(6:15:29 AM) Shadowfan0X90: u are knucklesbud tho
(6:15:35 AM) Rad Rocket: Nope, not Knucklesbud
(6:15:59 AM) Rad Rocket: He and I are definitely likeminded, except he didn't seem to think you were a troll
(6:16:09 AM) Shadowfan0X90: yea what ever
(6:16:17 AM) Rad Rocket: Man you have no trust
(6:16:29 AM) Rad Rocket: Well shit, I guess I'm being a hypocrite there
(6:16:37 AM) Rad Rocket: I did just ask you if you were a troll twice
(6:16:44 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ....
(6:16:48 AM) Shadowfan0X90: fine i beleave u
(6:17:05 AM) Rad Rocket: And I'll believe you as well. Well, I already did, I guess
(6:17:28 AM) Shadowfan0X90: so how much do u no of syeed and pizza man and the voices
(6:17:51 AM) Shadowfan0X90: u can help me take them out??
(6:17:54 AM) Rad Rocket: Well, all I really know is they're a bunch of wannabe trolls
(6:18:07 AM) Rad Rocket: But really there's no "taking out" people like that
(6:18:19 AM) Shadowfan0X90: I WILL GET VENJENCE
(6:18:24 AM) Shadowfan0X90: THEY KILL MY COMIC
(6:18:34 AM) Rad Rocket: Your comic is just fine
(6:18:42 AM) Rad Rocket: Plenty of people still read it, including me
(6:19:04 AM) Rad Rocket: Didn't you get most of your comments from haters and shit?
(6:19:12 AM) Rad Rocket: And didn't you advertise a lot?
(6:19:18 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ok ok
(6:19:30 AM) Rad Rocket: Also, you need to fucking update
(6:19:39 AM) Rad Rocket: I swear to God man, you never fucking update
(6:19:47 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ya like u can tlak on that one
(6:19:50 AM) Rad Rocket: lol
(6:19:56 AM) Rad Rocket: I guess you're right
(6:20:04 AM) Rad Rocket: I really should get back into the groove of things
(6:20:17 AM) Rad Rocket: But I just cant bring myself to review anything
(6:20:24 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ok what ever odnt want to here of this
(6:25:17 AM) Rad Rocket: So, how's about I make more comics for you?
(6:26:29 AM) Rad Rocket: Hey, come on
(6:26:38 AM) Shadowfan0X90: why so u can make a joke of me
(6:27:00 AM) Rad Rocket: Dude, I'm just gonna fuckin' take your scripts and make comics out of them, just like I always did
(6:27:07 AM) Shadowfan0X90: BUT U ALWAYTS SAID IT WAS JOKE
(6:27:18 AM) Rad Rocket: OK, I won't then. I won't say anything
(6:27:27 AM) Shadowfan0X90: BUT U SAY MY COMICS ARE FUNNY
(6:27:45 AM) Rad Rocket: So? You do you want me to make your comics look nice and actually have some updates or not?
(6:27:53 AM) Shadowfan0X90: U WILL JUST MAKE COJOKE OF ME
(6:28:30 AM) Rad Rocket: Yeah, I find you comics funny, but that really shouldn't matter
(6:28:58 AM) Rad Rocket: I'm not making fun of you, I just happen to find your grammar funny. I know it's not your fault, and I really just want everyone to have fun with it
(6:29:08 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ok....
(6:29:44 AM) Rad Rocket: I'd go ahead and just make the pages but you're not even following the fanfic
(6:29:52 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ye if tis all the same its boring
(6:30:07 AM) Rad Rocket: I agree, I like the surprises
(6:30:32 AM) Shadowfan0X90: fine rad u can make more comics
(6:30:36 AM) Rad Rocket: Coolio
(6:30:42 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ill give u the scrpt later
(6:31:02 AM) Rad Rocket: Here comes the fuckin weeklong wait for the script, lol
(6:31:05 AM) Shadowfan0X90: U BITCH
(6:31:08 AM) Shadowfan0X90: ILL BRING IT SOON
(6:31:17 AM) Rad Rocket: Yeah, yeah, Mr.UpdatesOnceAMonth
(6:31:26 AM) Shadowfan0X90: I WAS BUSEY WITH OTHER THIGNS
(6:31:48 AM) Rad Rocket: STOP YELLING AT ME ;~;
(6:32:09 AM) Shadowfan0X90: okok
(6:32:23 AM) Shadowfan0X90: script soon
(6:32:28 AM) Rad Rocket: Okay
(6:32:32 AM) Rad Rocket: Also where's my fuckin apology
(6:32:35 AM) Rad Rocket: For blocking me
(6:32:44 AM) Shadowfan0X90: shut the f*ck up rad
(6:32:50 AM) Rad Rocket: lol

TL;DR, I won't be doing any new review comics but I will be doing more SQA. I'll probably do more mini reviews in comments, but as for big ones on Rad Reviews.... nah. Also, I guess I'll upload that spinoff page I made of SQA months ago and never uploaded.

I need to get some sleep this is fucking insane.
Make him shoot swastikas when he uses his chaos attacks
How did I miss this stuff? Pretty dope.
@weirdu: Who the fuck are you?

@Killer Exis: Congratulations?
What's your deal this time, syeed?
What a twist. I guess Shadowfan's resignation lacked conviction after all.

Shit, this reminded me about all the shit I need to be doing. I should get on that... but calculus is a bitch. No more free time for me.
God DAMN, what a clown. Holy shit I've never seen so much self-righteousness before.

Ohhh Wad Wocket is so insecuwe. Sorry pal, you've got the wrong guy. I'm a dynamic force of action. Confusing confidence with insecurity is a very interesting mistake.

As for trollbait, ha! I know a troll when I see one; and you're not one. You're just a fool. Sure, you're probably using the same stupid logic as a troll and using the same "LOL u mad" tactic ,but I can tell you're doing it in earnest. And that's the saddest behavior of all.

Good bye, and good luck on that phD in Psychology or whatever the fuck you're trying to train for.
Also, I asked really nicely for you to stop. Can you show a little maturity and respect that?

I'm sure you feel like a really awesome crusader who's taking down big bad ol' Rad Rocket or however the fuck you think of me, but you're the only one still on that stupid bandwagon. I'd rather not have my comic comments flowing with vitriol.
OK Tex. Please stop wasting my time.

I'm sorry that swearing offends you, but that's just how I fucking talk. Deal with it.

Let me spell it out for you. I'm not mad, I'm not aggressive, I'm not any of the stupid shit you're trying to call me.

Just cut your losses and get the fuck out of here. You're not saying anything of value.

Oh, and you're definitely indulging in the fantasy that I'm the arrogant one and you're putting me in my place. You're pretty far away from reality, though. It's laughable that you call me arrogant and then turn around and start saying shit like "potential has an ugly way of expressing itself", as if you have the ability to access my worth. You're not above me, and it's arrogant to assume you are.
I respond to anyone who addresses me. It's just how I do.
lol, okay Tex. It was a simple question, not an outburst. Stop being so fucking stupid.

I'm going to ask once more that you stop commenting here. It's really irritating to have to respond to this stupid self-indulgent shit.
You seem to equate anger with swearing. It's silly, really. The only emotion you've caused me is annoyance. Mild, at that. So is it within your ability to stop bitching?

You seem to pride yourself in being the smartest guy in the world, and that's cute and all, but it's fucking annoying.

And allow me to elaborate on why I removed Pizzaman from my comic.

Recently, he decided to troll Shadowfan and pretend to hate it in some ploy to get it deleted. As is, even though Shadowfan doesn't seem to want anything to do with me, I definitely don't want that comic to go away. Way too much invested interest.

Anyways, at the time I didn't know who was behind the thing, and he had engaged Shadowfan in a contest. Two comics posted, loser has to delete their comic. Pizzaman went and voted against Shadowan. I asked him to change his vote for me, and he responded with some disingenuous bullshit. Later I find out he was actually behind it. He then makes a "deal" with Shadowfan, and demands to join the comic. He promises not to delete the comic. The comic gets deleted.

I'd rather not associate myself with such deceptive scum. Wasn't even honest to me when I asked him to be upfront about it.

So, again, Tex, fuck off. You don't seem to know anything about the situation and just want to come in and say "LOOK RAD ROCKET IS AN ASSHOLE BECAUSE... FUCK I DON'T EVEN KNOW, BECAUSE HE INSULTED SOME COMICS MONTHS AGO AND HAD THE AUDACITY TO STAND BY HIS COMMENTS"
Yeah, no. You don't know the first thing about me, Tex. So fuck off, hm?
Yeah I kind of have a problem with assholes.

Have a hard time working with 'em.

You're an arrogant fucker, you know that?
The fuck's that supposed to mean.

Anyways, sorry I'm late on this, fuckin' school. You know how it is.