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I laughed so hard I cried. I'm still laughin' tbh. When it said yes..XD XD too funny. My friend on the phone thinks I've lost what little mind I had. Even his tail perked up.
Hiiii! XD it's been ages since I've been on here. BUT yours is the first comic I've read. Yay for you! Found where I left off..and managed to pick back up. Poor Maurice...never can catch a break.
I lol' through this entire page. His penor is kinda small. Bukkake beam pwns all lol.
*tempted to buy both books* statment...arrives..;-;
Why do they always seem as though they're anorexically thin? But hot nonetheless.
The rabbit= <3 and awesomeness. XD rip out his stuffing rofl.
No more for the time bein'? I've caught up then? Thank god x.x. I laughed..and my brother walked away from me when I told him I was readin' yaoi..but that was hours ago lol. I luff this.

O.o..volume 1? Hmm..depends on the price..but I wanna buy lol. *goes to read Polar Rain*
Cool grannies ftw! two cents are inputed *slinks back into the shadows*...

Iiiiiiiii gots to pee! And Iiiiii wants some tea!

Ignore me..I felt like being random XD
I win!
XD anywya..I love collabs..and I read most that I can get..and since I was reading harajuku boyz..I shall keep an interest in this.

I'm 21 with no drawing skills class killed now I just envy everyone else but enjoy their comics nonetheless.
Ooo yeah..that was bad. I feel sorry for him..but man handlin' is not always the way to go.

ana_m: I actually don't blame him. I'd be pissed too if I were him..I mean it was a baby after all.
Is he blushing? XD. Those are some girlish lookin' eyes for a boy...*stares*

No, you may not die, not until you're old and can't move and passed down j00r awesome skills to someone, mkay? Mkay.
So, took me a bit to catch up, but I have now, and wouldn't it be funny if it wasn't the fetus at all? But her face in that first panel is..I can't even describe's so..O.O

And you know, I normally never pay attention to the comic spotlight.

I've never read a comic like this and am actually surprised to find that I have enjoyed it so much. But I haven't found a single thing wrong with it..and the art skills are just out of this world. It all seems..real for the most part...*faves*
Castration! Unfaithfulness deserves chopping of male organs that are used for reproduction!..erm..sorry..>.>

Poor Kai..he looks so sad when he says ok..I just wanna cry 'cause of the look he has. Pick up the phone know you wanna..Do it! Do iiiiitttt!
See, now with this one..I have no problems whatsoever with the fake eyelashes XD. Sex with fake eyelashes on..XD...
I recognize nothing! 'cept I don't like his eyes XD. with lashes or whatever that is XD. Wow..he's really thin..I'd be araid to hug him.
Nice. I like the way he looks without the his eyes..the makeup maybe? I don't wear any so I don't know all the technical terms for them XD. Author rambling=total awesomeness lol.
Ru's look does kinda scream girl..boy..confused maybe? XD. *faves* >.>
*drools* He looks yummy.
I laughed so damn hard. Even by the title I didn't know what to expect. the best thing in the world..don't ever stop it until there are no more thoughts or ideas..else I'll cry.
I managed to catch up XD. I faved this and didn't realize I had..I'd only read the first page at the, since no bl was updated that I had favorited was updated and this was, decided to read. Glad a did. Such a funny story..Loads of awesome characters. Not a fan of yuri..or het XD..but I do read it if I think it's good, as this is.

Sam, quite frankly I don't see why same sex marriages are anyone else's business but the main people involved, everyone isn't all up in opposite sex marriages. Besides, most of them adopt anyway, not like they reproduce which in turn doesn't increase the population to this over crowded world and gives a homeless child a place to live.