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that weird mountain-like thing on the second panel... it's supposed to be the Crystal Castle XD lol
@Rin: yes, you're totally right, this whole chapter IS a flashback XD
it did say '16 years ago' on the first page' but I think I did it wrong, because many people didn't get it either XD I made that text too small and it went unnoticed, haha
@Moonyrox: she'll be the only person she told ;)
@yukieternity: your totally right! O.o u predict futurez XD
@Guest: lol, but she didn't come yet XD
@yukieternity: lol, the whole chapter 4 is finished already, I'm just uploading it step by step, but that's more or less what's gonna happen XD Because it was never said thet Endymion knows the baby is not his, he actually believes it is his.
So, logically, Usagi will have too sleep with Mamoru after Seiya, to keep the secret :3 But she will not come up with that plan on her own.... You will see soon ;)
@GeckoGurl1984: hehe, nope, she was in the hallway to his bedroom, but the guest room consists of a few rooms, kinda like a penthouse suite or something. It's a big building XD so they're behind closed doors, technically ;p
@GeckoGurl1984: thanks Gecko XD, glad you noticed that, it was my intention XD Usually ppl are a bit of a mess after intensive mingling XD
Thanks everyone for your comments, you are awesome guys :3
Thank you everyone for welcoming me back so nicely!! I will try to not fuck it up this time XD
Nothing to say here :B

thanks for reading :P
btw. I know men say it's "schlick" for mastrubating women, but I disagree, when it's fingering the inside, it's totally "fap". Shlicking only goes for outer clitoris stimulation :) The sound a dildo/fingers make when they go in and out of the vagina(abruptly), is totally 'fap', as the air goes in and out and a banging sound is produced, same as when a guy mastrubates. Rubbing clitoris is hardly a noticable sound, it's more like a massage, nothing moves in or out. But in that case, schlick it is, I guess (way more silent sfx than 'fap')
And I say this, because guys took piss out of me when I said "I'm fapping". They would be, like, you're a girl, don't you mean "schlicking"? And I'm like, no, when one uses a dildo and it is a rapid fapping movement duplicating actual sex, it's not fucking 'schlicking'. Male chauvinists don't like women stealing their sfx XD
Just a thought on sex-related, onomatopoeic words XD lmao
Okay, it's been 10 months since I uploaded >-< the biggest hiatus in the history of 'Princess Ninako' :P I'm really sorry for that, but I really wasn't feeling too good in general and I also got tired of making this comic and the time each page took me >_>
I haven't gained my mojo back, but I felt that if I decide to stop webcomicing, I should at least strain a bit and finish this chapter (especially since it got left hanging in the middle of most entertaining action,I guess *_*. I promised SeiyaxUsagi sex, and that's an obligation one does not run away from that easily XD
Good news are: chapter 4EX is nearly finished, and I hope to upload it soon, but not all at once.
bad news is: the sex part itslef lasts like 2 pages, because I suck at sex scenes and did everything in my power to make Seiya come fast (HAha)

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Love you guys, thanks for being so patient with me :)
@GeneralWinter: chapter 4 is a retrospection, so Ninako doesn't exist yet she's about to be conceived and born ^_^ :B
@Luinaldawen: oh noes, it's not available on Animexx? How about this linke here: It may be beacuse I set it to adult, and normal accounts cannot view it on there unless they have adult enabled.
@Cherubas: lol, they said it's too big before, I dunno anymore XD I need to be more consistent XD
sorry guys for not uploading, I'm still gathering my mo-jo U_U It may be back soon, I just gotta finish this chapter at least, I can't live it hanging like that...
I'm sorry guys, I appreciate all the comments and support but I really don't feel like drawing the comic atm so I'm doing a short break. I've just totally lost my Mojo >.< when it comes back, it will be back.
@LOL: yeah, totally XD
@LOL: haha, yeah, I do realize it's kinda impossible. But that's the sweet thing about fantasy, mangas and hentai comics!XD They are all completely unreal. I honestly don't expect nobody who gave birth to look like she does in this comic U_U let's just assume the silver crystal and her eternal youth is the thing that keeps her looking firm and youthful XD being forever young and having magical powers is another unreal thing in the SM universe, but oh well... I don't think ppl would be very excited if I made the characters look real ._.
Serenity's PJ
Aaaaaand.... you won't be seeing that funny pajama top anymore ^_^
@kuroitenshi: muahahaha, Yes Tenshi, you all are currently in a huge and sweaty waiting room XD
Thank you guys for reading and waiting for me to upload! It really means a lot to me *_* Thanks for all the supportive and cute comments, knowing that you like it is what motivates me the most to carry on with drawing this story *_* Sorry for slow uploads, I wish I was less lazy and could do stuff whileI sleep U_U Xoxo
... oh, and in case somone too young to be reading this, still reads this and is about to ask an embarassing question: no, she did not piss herself, it's vaginal lube lol XD