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Brazilian. Game design student. Concept artist wannabe. INFJ.
Shy, glutton, shorty, tries to make dainty recipes at the kitchen and never takes Guilty Gear XX OST out of her cellphone.
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    Karol Kaczorowski
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January 12th, 2015
It's been a little while since I last read Moth (because life hapenned), but I'm glad I'm finally up to date!
I'm just in love with your art an animation skills, as always.
And the story had some unexpected shifts that I'm loving!
Keep up with the awesome work! <3
October 24th, 2014
Seems like someone really likes the Persona series here just like me~
(How could I not spot my beloved Akihiko in his gorgeous winter outfit, how.
And Mitsuru. Hng~ <3)

As a videogame lover and game designer to be, I just loved the easter eggs, haha! Moar, please! :D

I don't usually comment because I don't feel like I have much to say, but jeez, looks like the art improves at every page. This one (and Val *coughs*) got me mesmerized!

I love this comic so much. Specially the art. Nice work here, as always! Keep up with the awesomeness!
June 8th, 2014
I loved the page like this; it's a good balance between the two options AND it looks really pretty!

Also, first time commenting here, but I'm loving your comic and your art :3
I've been reading (and loving) this comic for a while, but I've never commented, so here it is!

Poor Gaƫl baby :(
But I'm loving the development of the story and of the characters, it's great! Cocktail Blood Mary must be one of my favorite webcomics, really :D

It's so good to see you back! Keep up with the awesome work!
Also, good luck on your exam!
December 4th, 2013
Wow, this page looks absolutely beautiful!
(Well, the whole comic does, but I'm a sucker for art nouveau, so :P)

I'm so glad you're back! This is one of my favourite webcomics ever, really. Keep up the good work!
March 4th, 2013
Hahah dat glaring~
I'm loving him already <3
February 25th, 2013
Omg Bran looks amazing <3 <3 <3
I'm so happy to see that you're better, and back for us! Can't wait to see you more here :)
Welcome back!
@SophieAva: I was just about to say it LOL

O hai, first time I comment here, even I've been reading since ever 8D
I just LOVE you art, @megami23. Seriously. I can't stop looking at the pages over and over again so see all the details~
And I fell in love with Takeshi. He's so cute and handsome and his haircut and and and asdfghjkl :~ *fangirls*
I knew it was the barcode, I knew!
I need the next page SO MUCH!
Can't wait to see how things will be from now on! >.<
100 pages, congrats! :D

We all need the next page NOW, Soen!
Y U SO MEAN!? :<

Ok, you're not mean, you're actually pretty sweet and amazing. Keep up the awesome work and make your fangirls happy!
How beautiful!
And I really liked the "Hiraeth" word and meaning. Reminds me the Brazilian word "saudade" :)
Nice job, can't wait to see the next pages!
Awwwwwwww ;___;
So sweet! And it only gets sweeter and sweeter! Can't wait for the next update, Soen! <3
My heart, I can't-- ;___;
OMG My heart ;___; Soen, you're so mean! You'll end up breaking all your fans' hearts!
Well, just kidding :) Lovely page, as always, and so full of emotions! Can't wait for the next page!
Ok, I've been staring at this page for about 10min. SO. GORGEOUS!
Dez is so expressive and handsome in this page. All my love to this <3
Poor Dez and poor Kae, btw :(
November 22nd, 2011
I found your comic today (and I'm already this far LOL) and wanna say it's pretty funny! I'm loving it! Congrats for the awesome work!

P.S.: LMAO, cause my name is Karol and I have big boobs and wear glasses too LOOOOL (but I have long hair)
Anyway, random fact I wanted to share~
I'm glad your internet is back :D Everything will be fine, you'll see!

Beautiful page, as always <3 Can't wait to see how all of this will turn out >w<
Oh god, my heart.
Yeah, that one, where Inori is alone. Dat angle, dat eye, dat smile. Brb, serious nosebleeding here.