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Hello all. ABSOLUTELY new to Jeeves and new to the industry as well. I'm a writer/producer/director/actor living in NYC, yet I've always had a love and deep respect for visual artists and illustrators (probably because I can't illustrate/draw to save my life! Always wanted to, but a COMPLETE hack at it!)

A few years ago, I wrote a script for a fantasy/martial arts film, the first part of a trilogy. Never really planned to shoot it (can't handle the budget at this point in my career), but it was just something that needed to come be expressed. It sat on the shelf for a while before I decided to convert the script into something visual...a graphic novel.

I searched and found a wonderful illustrator from Germany, Maike Wender, and we've been collaborating since the beginning of the summer on this project. We're just getting started in the grand scheme of things, but we're now at the point where we can begin sharing the work, and we'd LOVE any and all feedback you professionals have to offer. So, please check out the pages and let me know what you think.

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@Pharmf323: Thank you PHARM! Be sure to check out the app!
@Guest of Honor: He is VERY slim...and yes, his personality can mirror a snake. Good observation, and thanks for reading!

Just so you know, you can get the graphic novel on your iPhone or iPad here:
Most times, the reason behind the fight is more important than the fight itself.
Identity Crisis
"Who am I?" It's a question we all have to ask ourselves. Some of us come away pleased with our answer. Some of us come away terrified.
Delusive Clutch
Sometimes one has to get very close to see the other's truest intentions.
Friction With the Gate Guardian
Sometimes a gate is closed for a reason...
An Emotional Being
"An emotional being is a powerful thing." - Master Sumanji
Responsibilities of our Birthrights
"All of us bear the responsibility of being who we were meant to be. Once it's revealed, we must fight to walk, to breath, to think and act as that person." - Master Sumanji
"...We must attempt to always remain in complete balance my pupils." Ain't it the truth.
@Myriads of Blue: Thank you for your support! Do you have a comic we can check out? We'd love to support you as well!
Journey Into Darkness
Sometimes we must examine the darkness within in order to find ourselves...
Dark Ambition
Sometimes, ambition can lead us to dark places...
"Sitowata, The Elephant God" (a.k.a. "The Beginning of the End: 1")
Almost all personality traits and makeup can be traced back to our childhoods...
Back to the Original State
Back again for the first time! Thank you guys for your patience, but we are back again giving you NEW PAGES!!

The story continues...hope you all enjoy! Feel free to let us know what you think!
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@Andrea, thank you for the comment! Glad you're liking it!
Sometimes, the less we know, the better.
I find hitting the gym can work out alllll of the problems of the day...well, most of 'um.
People change...we all change.
A Familiar Visitor
And the plot thickens...