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Level Up!
So... does this mean dragonthing is going to evolve to charizard after all the xp he inevitably just received from just defeating like 1556958695 pokemonz?
@iam-hungry: I'm unsure what the problem with the image was before. I tried reuploading it. I'm hoping it works for you now. :D
This is our update
Unfortunately, Nury doesn't have the time she'd like, with her mid terms and projects being due. So as a result she was able to put together a cover page for the first chapter. It has no real significant meaning towards the content of the chapter, other than utilizing our protagonist, and her soon-to-be antagonist, dressed as characters from black and white. This isn't insinuating that this comic will ever reach to B&W either (though we can't quite tell the future yet) but we liked the outfits, and thought this would be fun.

So here's your update for October 22nd, 2011.
While I'm 99.99% sure this is not how it will go down: I'd laugh if atti and george get offed and the comic then follows Oak's ever quickening descent into senility briefly before the comic is ended.
So.... new art style
Nury made a new art style change. She was so drained after it though. Not sure if she'll remain with it. But she's working on detailed backgrounds. So, this means more cool things to come!

We're also very sorry about the delay. We hope you will look past it and still love us D:

And I think we'll start including little tid-bits about the page, commentary, if you will. So, without further ado..

ACTUAL INFO ABOUT THE PAGE: So seems that we're getting a bit more information. Oak seems less rapey, because honestly, he doesn't kidnap people constantly. Just when he must... or when they won't stop singing rebecca black tunes.

And we get a little insight on the trainer program, and that it has rankings. But what pokemon will nury pick? That is the mystery!

--Nury here, sorry about the delay. I have no excuses. Life is life and there are not enough hours in a day. School comes first always, but things should be dying now. I'll work hard to bring regular updates!!
Hey thanks
Well sorry about the delays thus far. We haven't been keeping up because of various things. Such as Nury's relentless schedule thanks to those evil essay classes she's in.

Or me with both my jobs and such.

However, we can promise page 4 will be out... er... soon....-ish.

Okay we can't promise anything, but we didn't give up on this D:
Okay, a bit creepy
Alright, well, as a few might be able to see, the coloring aspect is getting more refined, the art style is making small subtle advances, and background colors now come in... MULTIPLE COLOR CHOICES!

Yeah, anyways... more to come. Nury and I plan to release these things every week, atleast 1 anyways. But in the mean time, enjoy this page~

Also: Yes, we know theres a bunch of spelling errors. We entered the words and stuff when Brenden was tired from a long day of work and stuff and was about to go to bed because he had to get up early for more work. Anyways, yeah. Soooo we promise to spell check shit next time. :D

ALSO ALSO: We renamed Pallet town Bumfuck-nowhere. No we won't be renaming all the cities. But yes, we figured this was fitting... given its a 'town' with 3 buildinds in it, and only two of them are actually houses. We figured it was more of a glorified ranch or something.... ignore the stop sign from last page *shifty eyes*
So this is more or less the 'permanent art style'. Though expect it to alter slightly as time goes on and stuff. Nury thinks she'll redo the first page in the permanent art style later on, to make for better congruency. Anyways, this page is pretty self explanitory: Oak here's Nury singing that god awful song, and rushes in. Maybe it attracts wild pokemon out of the tall grass?
WARNING: not a permanent art style
Soooo basically this was the first page we did, we'd just sort of thought this would be a good idea. It could utilize the writing I'd done for plans to make a web comic, and use Nury's tablet she had and her desire to do something cool. So she did this, though the art style... we never came to a 'for sure' decision on.

If you like... well, I'm afraid I'll have to burst your bubble, since this is the first and last time Nury is planning to draw in this style... atleast for now (Who knows, maybe later on she'll do a non-canon contribution in this style).