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Retired U.S.Air Force CMSGT that has read just about everything from Anthony to Zelasney,(yeah,"Lord of the Rings" got me Middle School Detention for skipping to finish "Return of the King").
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    Cordell Olsen
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AC & hen some
@Ganurath I've played every AC Game and am presently playing AC:Odyssey,and it's been pretty good so far.AC:Unity has too many glitches and AC:Origin is a bit overrated.
Green Horns
Sometimes even the new Green Horns have more power than the Masters do,and they have yet to understand it.
Noone can find?
@Jack of Clubs: Then someone accidentally finds it,checks it out not knowing what it is and starts experimenting with it,which really MESSES THINGS UP and somebody has to go fix it all,AGAIN!Or something totally different but it still gets found and screws the known universe up again.
Queer as a Football Bat!
@Guesticus: James I/VI,Alexander the Great,Barrack Obama,the list goes on.Add on to the list,I'm sure you all can come up with a lot of Actors,News Anchors,Politicians and Royalties.
TV Series!
@Merceneiress: I've been watching that show since day one,and Her matching Ophelia is as close to perfect as it gets!I know thiat if/when this comic becomes a TV Show,I'll be more than just a fan of it.Hell,I'd even put in for a job on it as a model maker,prop mover or even just a Janitorial Maintenance Worker!THAT'S how much I love both of these.
Perfect Ass!
Yritai's Ass is better than Beautiful.She has the perfect bubble butt that is so squeezable and I bet it has the best up and down shake as She walks away. Don't get me wrong,Felina has a nice one too.But Her nasty attitude doesn't help her out on her looks.
Beautiful Face!
@Guesticus: What difference does it make?Her face is sooooo kissable,and then some! :-)
D&D Alignments,BAHH!
Iceburgh69,Many moons ago I was playing D&D and had a LG Fighter.But I got my hands on a certain Vorpal Sword called Stormbringer,and I had no choice but to go CG.But even then I STILL ended up having to perform a few nasties and became a CE.But since there was still a little bit of Lawful and Good still in my Character I was able to eventually achieve True Neutral,which turned out to be the best Alignment for Him.That way I could save the Princess,but still Rape Her Aunt who needed to get Her butt straightened out for some of the crap she pulled off.So being a True Neutral does have some really good advantages to it,but don't get carried away.Sometimes those Alignments can be changed on you for even the littlest of reasons.
Ghost Knight,eh?
It reminds me of the Ghost Rider a bit. But you could make this one A Lady Ghost Knight (without the motorcycle,an undead Horse would be so cool). She'd have Her armour with big breasts with the rest still making Her look really hot. And kinda like DerpDragon said,She'd still have many bolts stuck in her skull,chest and back for the the way it's so hard to kill a Knight. And that Horse was a real bitch killing it,too,since it's armour was pretty bad ass just to look at.
I was playing D&D/AD&D back in the 80s,then AD&D,2nd edition,then 3rd but Played my final game (with all the rules slightly adapted & varied from all the editions)New Years Eve 1992/93.I'm still laughing at how NOBODY was able to save when they didn't notice the Poppy Flowers (hint,hint) were really releasing the pollen heavily. Everybody was coping a good buzz and the colours were so beautiful to their eyes.Of course they woke up in a dungeon but they had a thief,fighter/thief & an Assassin so escape was easy for them.Remember to check for traps & tricks,idiots!
Where did you get the name Septimus from? Did you get it from the best video game series ever created "Mass Effect" and you had to deal with that Turian General Arturus Septimus spreading out all those lies of the Consort Sha'ira?
I vote for this daily (or at least I try to).We all need to keep this in the Top 10 list.Hell, this is #4 in the Top 5 right now, so let's keep this going! We don't want our favorite to be booted down now, do we?
Sexy Eyes?
Oh yes,Juna's sexy Eyes on the 3rd panel are Gorgeous! But I wasn't looking at Eyes on Panel 2.When you finally put out the Graphic Novel,highlight the nipples!
Chocolate,Vanilla,Butterscotch,ANY FLAVOR!Oh,and don't forget Jello!And well,I'd love to lather Arjuna up with some pudding & lick Her clean!Yeah,I'm a Guy and She gives me wood.
Strip them all!
As others have mentioned I think seeing all the characters getting stripped would be hilarious.Even the guys(you know how shy some of them might be).I've had more than a few mental pictures of seeing Arjuna & Venom together in a certain sexual position.And seeing those characters walking in on an orgy would be a gas!Some shocked,others ready to join!
September 30th, 2013
Oh,and that Extremely Hot Tamale Kazu has highly improved over the time you've spent on this series! Those Perky & Perfectly Plump Pineapples are sooooo tasty!And so have the rest of the Characters(especially the Ladies!)
September 30th, 2013
The Best First Read Ever!
I just read the whole comic book series from books 1 to 4 & the story is great (& funny as hell) plus the artwork is fantastic! It took me over 6 hours to read & I highly recommended all my FaceBook friends to read it too because it's worth it all,trust me!
That'll work!
Great work, Boss! Great work.
Art Improvement
I didn't join Smack Jeeves Webcomic until I read the entire first volume, and the art has so improved that I can't help but praise the work done here.That and the story is great! Now all I gotta do is give 5 stars to every bit of this.Now how do I do that...?