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Comic reads left to right by the way. ;D

London Super Comic Con is this weekend! If you're attending - come say hi! Relevant news on it can be found on my facebook page:
Ever seen one of those really old kung fu films where everything's filmed at night and the lighting's terrible? I haven't either, the screen was black. xD (I'll upload a bigger strip next week to make up for this one's cheapness lol)

London Super Comic con is just over a week away! :D I'll have a table there so feel free to drop by and say hello if you're attending. :-)
I have no idea if the thing about Yakuza cutting off their little fingers when they screw up is true in reality these days. I don't want to know either lol. *hides*
Manga: Converting the masses, one day at a time. xD
I doubt Ryu would be particularly impressed. xD
Gaijin. That we be... ^^;
Yeah so I did a strip in Japanese, lol. I'll leave the translation to your own imgination. xD Yeah I know it's pretty random I guess lol.

I don't know much/any Japanese btw - I got some help for this one. :-)
Hope everyone had a good time over the holiday season. I ate a lot and got fat(ter) lol. xD

Level 2013: Start!
I still catch the odd episode of Power Rangers on TV (the Samurai one). If only I could watch just the action and not have to sit through the acting. ¦D
@JammyScribbler: Lol, whoops! xD

Thanks for the heads up, otherwise I'd not have noticed for the week!
Bishies always go down well with the fangirls. I guess Hetalia's the latest thing? (I've yet to go down that path...)

Anyhoo - it's xmas in two weeks! Get excited! :D
Becoming one with nature... ¦D
Sorry again about the delay, I was kinda off on shonen adventures and stuff. ;D I'm back now, and have no more things on my calander to distract me now.

Love me a good hadoukan, took me ages to learn the technique on Street Fighter, or maybe it was that the Mega Drive/Genesis controller wasn't really up to it lol. xD
I love the Matrix, and all the stuff that came before it that does slo-mo action (John Woo, lots of anime etc.)

Also, 100 pages - woot! ^_^
Always breaking boundaries here, lol. ;D

Sorry for delay in updates, Expo a couple weeks back was pretty crazy, and tbh I've still not recovered from it lol. If you went, how did you find it? :3
Issue 4 starts today!

Pople dream of cats, while hats dream of world domination... or something. xD

It's London Expo for the next 3 days - yay! :D
This is the end of issue 3! :D Will be back next week with the cover for issue 4.

PS: I have new comics appearing at Expo next week. For those interested please check out (hint: new Japanofail hardcover comic out next week)

Hope to see some of you there! :D
Yep. xD

Also after this got sent to print I noticed that the robot's hand's drawn on the wrong way round. It was a nooby mistake, but I figured it fits the tone of the strip quite well. As such I'm happy to leave it that way lol.

This issue's nearly finished! :-O
I've seen anime fans react surprised when older people know what they're talking about when they mention certain films or series. They seem to think it's specifically for their generation or something. What's up with that? xD

Now reverse it and ask what they know about older shows... rarely anything. Not that I'm bitter in my old age or anything lol!
If you're going to do things you'll end up regretting - don't do them in the first place.

Thus ends the moral of today, lol. ;D

1 month to go before London Expo. I'm not ready for it yet! D: *keeps scribbling*