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October 6th, 2018
@Shuyin111: Sorry about that! Fixed now!
Thank you all for your kind words and encouragements! :D I am very touched and grateful that you guys waited for me after all these time. Sorry again for making you guys wait so long. ;_; I am super pumped about writing the next chapter now! >w< All thanks to you guys! <3

Piggy Ho Ho
Sorry for the wait!
Hello all!
A lot of things went on at our end and this ended up being so late! We're so sorry! >< But now that this has restarted it should be smooth (?) sailing from now on. :D Thank you all for your patience this time! Please enjoy the new chapter!

And remember, the full chapters are always available at our official website:
@Worried: Hello there, thanks for your words. Yes I'm fine! I just had some things that made me postpone publication and continuation of this comic in the right time, ¬°But now i'm here!, sorry for making you worry, i'm just fine working still for the great time of whut*nani and wish you a happy new year!, please keep reading more about the amimesh's adventure! I'm back again! ;D
@Gabriel Grey: @Quadrant:
Yes!, I'm aware of many things about oriental bathing, but please, keep in mind this is a fantasy adventure! :D even if some things may look illogical, you should not think too deep about it but wait until the story itself says why some things work in the way they do on this comic :D.

I'm so glad you keep reading!, thanks for that! *big hug*
@greenwolf19: This comic has it's own "mitology", but yes! :D it's inspired on Indian and Middle East culture!
@HIdden: Yes you've got a clue there :)
This comic is based in a mixture of 1001 nights and some Indian culture (is any of them, but at the same time, much of it, I took many references :) soon you'll find some other cool things about it!).
@xX-Ghost-Xx: Thanks for the notice! We fixed it now!
At last!
Thank you all for your support through the tough time!
I (Piggy Ho Ho) has taken on some extra work lately and hadn't had as much time as I used to for drawing manga. But nevertheless the pace was slow but steady and I have every intention of finishing this comic!
Thank you for your patience and hope you can last with me until the end. Regular updates of Chapter 11 (a page every 2-3 days) begins now!
@JM: Soon! A few weeks!
Thank you all for reading!
As some of you may know this was used as a BL manga contest submission. Unfortunately I didn't win, but the winners were all very good!
If you liked this and would like to check out my other work, please click on my profile page on SJ! I will be returning to my series comic "What Happens in Carpediem". Hope to see you all again soon!

- Piggy Ho Ho
For the record, that thing in the 3rd panel? That's a missed patch of shading that just happened to look very wrong/funny!
@Lady Hio: Thanks for letting me know! The contest was in Japan so the version I submitted was in Japanese. :)
@SamJ: No, it's never mentioned. But it's just a random trait he has. Doesn't affect the story. XD;
May 23rd, 2014
Sorry about the image error! It's fixed now!
@SamJ: They're fangs! XD;
@Scarce Rose: Eh? I am able to see the page before...
@Hamish C: Another month or so?
@Redfaerie: Thanks for helping to explain!
@bella71154: It's up already! Just click on my author profile to see the list of manga I have!
@Lubrifier: Sorry if I confused you! Hope you will enjoy the other manga too!
@Mistress0fDragons: Or a month...or two...or *runs*
@EvilMouse: Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it. :D Wait for more work soon! (But first, Carpediem? XD;)
@mclov: I' have it out ASAP. ^^; (but likely 2 months)
@Sehe (GUEST): Thanks for reading! I'll try to have the next pages as soon as I can. >w<;
@MegaAnimeFreak7: What? A lot of places can have those transit signs...(dodgy eyes)