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Hawthorn Heights
I haven't logged into this site since, like 2012, but I'm back. ✌
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    Hayden Richardson
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@FossKnKiller: Because all bad asses get their own comics!
Here's an add for my alt. account. The comics Ourscraft, its about a man wakeing up...and then punching trees. I intend on winning an Oscar for this page alone. lol.
Irronically a life can not be bought with virtual coins either.
The last sentince means hes takeing a porn break Lol.
this would actually be a good,simpleistic mmmorpg.
i actually was gonna post something completely diffrent before i saw kwanes thingy, great to see were out of cotis...wait that doesnt sound right.
Hey it's a science fact that all boxes are bigger on the inside!
This is Tie Guy, He's a Daft Comedian who created the Tie in the Middle Ages...Yeah fantastic. Did I mention he can control the Tie as a weapon?
@awsome guy: ill be the good kings jester
@kwane: basically its like yugiohs battle city...but you get keys or something for winning instead :P, after you win three keys you meet up outside mount. silver for the finals
Heres an Idea for a side quest. Most of us just did the Gym Challenge. So I added a thing for the other half of us to do :)
Also a friend of mines friends did this Pok'emon Mew-Sical its Hilarous and makes the Anime its BITCH!
random comic idea/joke:
??:you wanna catch mewtwo ahy? Well i dont think you have the balls! Lol.
some shame in me advertising.
hey guys i was hopeing you could check out my new comic on my alt. Profile...
I Lol'd on the 4th Tile XD!!
Hey guys were missing quite a few authors, @kacqn and @Fossknkiller are comming in but do you guys have any good authors/spriters you think we should invite?
core its cool, i did mine in mspaint and it came out better then i antisipaited :).
Although it only came out so well do to kwanes awesome faces.
whoop whoop! 100 times better then my intro last year!
@Silvergeno: lol. I never relized it before but they are total opposite gendered clones of another!
Oh no here we go,here we go again...
Yes here we go, this is just a piece of minor background information as well as an Intro page. BTW LOL on the last square.
i find haveing an "apprentice" for a trainer who is relitive noob (do to the restart) and as i recall 10 years old somewhat prenticous. Ha. Okay ill post the "promo/pilot page" on the marrow. For the time being just remember three things kwane pre-dibs champion,
all info in POKE is presently non-cannon,
and...whats that behind you? No seriously look back! You didnt did you? But do me a favor and look back.
*wild hh has fled*