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Trying to make everything short, so I'll just list xD

- I'm a girl
- I LOVE yaoi and Final Fantasy (but I love yaoi more)
- first I may looks shy, but I'm NOT. I'm what you people call "ungrateful brat"
- I love to make friends xD
- I think the best forum is Junjou Forum (for me, of course)
- I LOVE Zero (and Ichiru) from VK

by the way, the avatar is taken from isaa-chan's (livejounal) wallpaper
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October 23rd, 2008
something is wrong with me. i started to think that jack is HOT. ugh

and yay another jiro wang fan!
yay for yaoi! xD

hmmm...people in this story actually know that there is a magic school. usually in normal stories, magic schools are supposed 2 be secret xD. but oh well, this is like one in a million story!
katoo's going all emo xD
HOMG i didn't vote!!! grr
not on the previous page. what i mean is page 4-5 on chapter 7. it's soo yaoish (i think it's just my barin)! u know, ki got surpised look, and then kaname turn around, looking at him while the wind is blowing...and then page 5, where ki said stuff bout the breakup thingy. if you left out the friendship thingy, it will look like a bf-gf breakup xD

i think i read too many manga. i need a break >.<
stabbing is ery un-gentlemany, but this is an exception! go stab her! D<
omg they totally ruined the graduation day! can't they at least wait until the graduation is finished??? grrr!
for some reason, this page kinda yaoish >.< i think it's just me xD
OMG ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *nosebleed*
some people really have talent to do things that i can't do. it's so beautiful!

kinda reminds me of inuyasha though. modern-day inuyasha
*shoot the publicist dead*

gah the woman is a beeyotch!
i'm glad i never have this and don't want this to happen!
crap these are the signs of ki being emotionless! don't worry ki, kaname's not worthed to be sad about! u have me *glomp*

i don't really mind if the name is written the same as kaname in VK. i never like kaname, i hate him *runs from kaname fans*. i used to adore him, but now he's pissing me off <.<
LOL happens to me!!!
June 13th, 2008
oooh he's hawt for a 14 years old!

hmm for some reason he reminds me of Conan
O_o zak look suspicious

No don't go! what bout kai?! he's lonely!
*stab kaname from the back* wait the evil guy's name is kaname right? i'm bad with names <.<
O_o jack got evil plan...
grrr kaname is an *insert curses here*

don't worry hiwatari! i'm still with u!
lol he got nice comeback!