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Blackened Krono
My name is Ana. I really love drawing manga and I love creating stories and characters (also I loove yaoi :D)
I'm currently making a videogame.
Awww TT__TT poor Kaito
Oh... my... God... *-*
Awesome page!!
Aww, so cute *-* <3
Awww~ Shuno's so cute *-*
Shuno's worried about Kaito :( I wonder what he'll do about it
Yay for the update! :D
Kaito's so innocent *-*
And so it begins...
At last! Chapter five is here!
Len and Hiroki will meet a misterious guy, who's darker than they might think...

If you were worried about if Hiroki is Mpreg, you can relax, he's not. You'll be surprised for the upcoming events in this chapter!
@Inxerene: Don't worry :3
Nothing will come out of his ass or something. That's why the other character (Len) is apologizing. He knows what's inside the poor guy, and definitely is not a "baby".
If you are wondering if he's Mpreg or not... he kinda is, but he has more like a parasite inside of him. That's all I can say :P don't be too harsh on me ;u;
End of chapter!
Oh my! Now I can draw the next chapter! It will be really intriguing!
Kaito's face in the last panel is priceless! xD
Hiroki loves it!
I wonder if Hiroki will deny his ukeness now
Let the Sexy Time begin!
Delay... again
I'm so sorry! I've been busy with a lot of homework ;n;
Don't worry, I'll compensate you!

Hmm, looks like Hiroki is in trouble now >:3
Awesome Kaito is Awesome *-*
Shuno will love more the chair than Kaito, I wonder what they'll do on that chair *-*