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Blackened Krono
My name is Ana. I really love drawing manga and I love creating stories and characters (also I loove yaoi :D)
I'm currently making a videogame.
Awww TT__TT poor Kaito
Oh... my... God... *-*
Awesome page!!
Aww, so cute *-* <3
Awww~ Shuno's so cute *-*
Shuno's worried about Kaito :( I wonder what he'll do about it
Yay for the update! :D
Kaito's so innocent *-*
Kaito's face in the last panel is priceless! xD
Awesome Kaito is Awesome *-*
Shuno will love more the chair than Kaito, I wonder what they'll do on that chair *-*
I love Cyan! He's so cute! *-*
Skye's face in the last panel is so cute! *.*
Yay! Update!
I wonder how Kaito will react with that chair <3
I want a ducky, too x3
Awww~ *-* I loved this page so much! <3
Awww~ Cyan looks so cute with human legs *-* <3
An update!! Yay!! *-* It was worthy the wait <3
OMG! Cyan is so cute! =>w<=
Poor Nikolai :*<