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I cartoon for a hobby, having given up making money at it some time ago. Over the years I have created 5 strip titles and two mini-comics. My latest effort is what you see here, The FLOOR. I hope you enjoy.
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    Eric Lindgren
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Ooooo! That's one EEeeevil machine!
Ah, yes. Everyone should have their own robot! It makes life more interesting!

Thanks for the compliments on my strip, you worm you! ;) I see plenty here for you to be proud of! I intend to visit again!... and again... and again... and-
I LOVE this comic! hehe! "is my wall ill?" haha!

5'd! can't...wait.. for second... half!
ZOE! Welcome to Smack Jeeves *whack*!
Great to see you here. I look forward to reading you through and through!
I... I just can't help but to keep coming back and reading more! EGADS!!! I'm- ...I'm a FAN!

Sometimes you just have to work with what ya got! *claps in approval*
ah, yes. The artful nude. Art of nude. The art of suprise! Usually, we were.
This storyline has definately captured my attention. I just HAVE to keep up on it now!

...I think I have a hook in my mouth.


I great use of line! Backgrounds and overall coloring are to die for! These two gals are making a great impression on me! Keep it up, Caz! Your rockin this website!
Welcome to the "Butler's Site Of Comicdom", Kevin! I look forward to catching up on the series!
Dat be ONE MAD ninja girl!

Loved it! (by the way, readers, read the prior strip and then this one, ALL WILL BE LAUGHTER!)
well I got it! I got quite a chuckle too!
ooo...! disgruntled ex-employed chicken in the 'stash with a HANDGUN!

Mario: "I adunno, Mr. Policceeman! I aheard a banga fromma my mustachio anda the man, he fella over!"