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4'11" yes I'm as tall (or short) as Edward Elric... my friends have already pointed that out to me. I LOVE yaoi and fantasy/horror stories and maybe just maybe I might put up a Doujin that I've been working on...
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I really, really, REALLY wanna beat the CRAP out of Mikal. Sacha doesn't deserve this... >:C
He's smiling... that alone should tell you he's up to no good. o.o I fear what he might do to Metz.
Poor Simone. He wants to help him! Mikal stop being such a brat! :C
Geez Mikal... cold much? :c Poor Sacha... His crying has activated my mothering senses. I wanna coddle the poor thing.
Woah... Poor Sacha :c I'm sure he cares so much for his little priest that he'll let him do whatever is it to pay for the "betrayal" that Mikal feels.
Did Min just watch Patience eat Chika's brain? o.o He didn't seem to have an issue with it...
Love... why are you a bitch? >.< You're even mean to the people who know you. Lordy...

Though I really do wonder... how on EARTH did they know that the three of them were their names? o.o
More questions!
What is the virtue for Chika?

Nakay was love.

Joshua was morality.

Is Chika Chastity?
Oh Hello Nakay/Love... Nice to see you didn't kill Min at the very least... Twist, how thy art cruel! =3
@micmacmonroe: I believe it was the two virtues. So there is/and will be a tie in to the main plot.
@Vilani: Goodness o.o I can't wait to find out then! Thank you for answering my question! =3
What state were the bodies in when they were found? o.o I bet there is a police report about their deaths...
Another question!
I'm curious... how does a No Name know that a specific person has their name? Or is it all a huge gamble?
Well then...
That escalated quickly. Bye Josh. :c At least in some twisted way you and Nakay will still be together.
Does that mean that Nakay can now love??? By consuming his brain, is she now him? Only as a woman? Goodness, so many questions! *waits patiently for the next page*
Ah! So she's one of the virtues! She's got the mark around her neck. I'm guessing that Nakay wasn't her name because she hasn't transformed. I bet she's been going around and doing this for a while...

I wonder what's going to happen now...
@Vilani: Thank you! I couldn't tell from the angle if it was. At first I thought it might have been kept as a kind of "trophy" for whoever did that. Again thank you for confirming for me!
Vilani, is Nakay's skull still in that flap of skin or has that been removed?
HOLY F***!!!!! What is this!? Silence of the Lambs?! O.O That lady... what the HELL did she do to them!?
I have a feeling Nakay committed suicide and took the dog with him... oh dear... :<