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Tom has such a "poker face"-look in the last panel. What is he up to? :D
May 3rd, 2014
Welcome back, Grummancat! That's a nice romantic chapter so far ... :)
I think, I'll make some posts on the Dragonball Multiverse-page as well as on the Gaia comic page. Maybe someone capable enough will notice the post and help out as well.

If any of you want to post there as well, look here:

and here:
@Drew L.: He even called her "Admiral" (for obvious reasons but still...). :-)
Haruka: "Mamoru could get away with so many things, if he were a jerk."

me: "I wouldn't be too sure about that, Haruka. They seem to look intimidated for a reason." xD
Ah, she didn't forget after all! :D This is going to be funny. xD
I wonder, how Tom managed to get out of Usagi's vice-like embrace from the previous panel? :)
Haha, very nice. Mamoru apologized as well now just as I expected from him and Bunny is just priceless. xD I hope Mamoru gets just a tiny bit jealous now. xD I'm really glad, all of this didn't take as a dramatic turn as I thought it might take.
LOL, I didn't see that coming at all. Rei will always be my favorite Sailor Senshi. xD

One question: Will Hotaru's biological father Dr. Soichi Tomoe make an appearance in your story as well?
I wonder, whether Mamoru will come forward as well now. Even though Rei made a (huge) mistake in her judgement(, which can happen to everyone due to Murphy's law), it was Mamoru, who started Thomas' identity verification. As a prince (and future king) he's also responsible for the Sailor Senshi as is the princess by the way, whom he didn't tell about his plan. He nevertheless did the right thing and I'm sure that Tom, those family has a strong military background, will understand this kind of reasoning as well. So I'm not really worried about Tom's reaction. The only thing, Mamoru shouldn't have done, was to leave Usagi out of the loop. Usagi's reaction to all of this will be interesting. There are so many possibilities here. There is even a possibility, where Tom and Usagi walk out of this room together, stay away from the other Senshi for a while and get to know each other a little better and become friends (- *just friends* of course -). And then there's Makoto, who might for a reason, unknown to her, feel even more sorry for Tom, than the others and decide to follow Usagi and Tom on their way out of this crowded room. :)

In any case I think I would like to see Tom befriend Usagi first (and the others later). The light of her soul will wash away his sadness and anger. Her personality can turn anyone to her side. To quote from this video:

Hotaru: "I believe in our princess. The princess is the light of our hope." and she also says: "*Everyone* likes Usagi!". I'm sure that Tom will like her as well. :)
Now comes the aggravating part: The admission that they took the medal from him. Although considering, what they did to him before, Tom will probably not be shocked.

Tom: "So *you* took my medal!? ***sigh*** Why am I not surprised..."

Sailor Moon may be disappointed that her Scouts acted behind her back without consulting her at all. And Tom's medal may be the "last straw" for her. Stealing things, attacking people .. all without her knowledge.

On the other hand I like this development; If Sailor Moon gets angry at them in front of Tom, she will probably win Tom's sympathies without even consciously trying to do so, because he would probably feel that it comes from her heart. And then maybe Tom's own disappointment and anger will disappear with someone - well not just "someone" - Princess Usagi Tsukino Herself - defending him. :)

( I wonder, whether Makoto will be the first to apologize to him. Just wondering, how their relationship might actually start. )
August 18th, 2013
Thank you Grummancat for the excellent storyline and drawings. :)
August 18th, 2013
And here's the EVA standard preview music for the Next Episode. ;-)

This page is a preview of the Next Episode after all. ;-)
August 18th, 2013
How romantic giving her a wedding ring near Jessica's grave. :) But I think Jessica would be happy that they managed to start a new life in a place of death.
August 18th, 2013
Where is Section 2, when you need them? Surely they would know about Asuka's whereabouts? :)
Enjoy the summer break! :)

The more I think about it the more it seems that the last piece of background music, I found for Tom's tranformation sequence, is really fitting:

Please compare this with Tuxedo Mask's transformation music. I think that it has similarities with Tuxedo Mask's background music but is much more "energetic" and "warrior-like" in comparison. Tuxedo Mask's music empathizes his status as a noble prince, while Tom's music empathizes his status as a resolute warrior. ;-)

Nevertheless there are similarities in their transformation music, aren't there?
@paladin_313: Thanks for the offer, paladin! But I think that I don't want to be spoiled about his transformation, because it is one of those (moderately) major turning points in yours and GeneralWinter's story. Still, thanks for the offer. :)
@paladin_313: The Marine Corps Hymn sounds really fitting for his transformation sequence. I think it is even more fitting than "Semper Fidelis".

Well, perhaps the following piece of music would be a good transformation music for Tom:

Alright .. let's see, what happens next in the story. :)
@GeneralWinter: Yes, I know about Origa. She makes really nice songs like this one:

I think, there's another version of this song in Japanese sung by her.

So .. nice choice for a possible background music during Tom's transformation. ;)
Mamoru will gain a new warrior on his side? :) At least I still think that "Tom" may have been somehow affiliated with Endymion during Silver Millenium but that's just my personal speculation.

But for some reason I'm actually more curious about the music that would play in the background during Tom's transformation if this was an anime. How about:

Nabari no Ou OST - Main Theme

Listen to it on the net.