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Yaoi, Jrock, that 'bout summs me up. lol

And 1600-1800 victorian styles.
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>>" Hold up, this should be plain and simple, but Kuro-san, and Mama-san, are together right? O-o; -feels like a n00b for asking- Because I mean there relationship hasn't been told to us... X-x; I think they are, but I need a blunt 'yes' or 'no' X'D
AWWW~ o^-^o
-pets his thigh- *-* -drool-
>.<" This reminds me of I talk I had with my current girlfriend. XDDDDD Odd... Oo; Only we where in the back of a car, not in a cafe (?).

WAH~ They're so cute.
I agree with Kup-chan, it shouldn't be that easy... @-@ I'm worried now, I don't see this turning out well...
*-* I love the hair!
Ahaha, Rival. That's great, but he had one up on you girly~ He already sleeps in the same room... hehehe
Oo; Just me, or is your style for doing hair changed? =.= For some reason they're faces look fater then your normal chars... >>" lol

Maybe it's just me... ^^"

Cute as always~ <3
O////O -faints-

oo; oh crap for him. ne?

There go his plains for ma- I mean never mind... ^^" Hehehehehe
^^ LOL Awww~ It's cute... >>" and dirty... ^^ <3
^^ Awww~ Look at the uke's blush.
-dies- No~ they need to be together! ;.; CRUSE YOU EVIL PARENTS! >>" lol

...>>" Yah...
>>" I knew that was ko, not i, lol My Japanese teach is gunna shoot me... ^^" Lol

M'kay, thankz~!
What is he readind? Nihon no iwai (What kanji is that?) Oo; ?
..That ending would suck... >>"

Yah~ Happy ending~! ^^
February 23rd, 2007
...Oo; ...>>" Okay, I love this comic, but it just mushified my brain somehow... lol ^^"
I fully agree with xhahakristinax let's call him Marmar. lol
wink wink
I found somethin' funny there... Oo; No I wonder what lol. ^^"