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Hello kids! The name's Bart. I rarely come here. Plan on changing that (again).

My avatar is a random doodle.

[This part contained links, but I rarely come to the other parts of the internet also.]
Comic info:
-Originally started by my Alvin-Earthworm wannabe self, never really finished. MAYBE ONE DAY...
Side Comic(Horror[CYOA])
-This was going to be a motivation for me to return. I FAILED MISERABLY.

Other Comics:

-The original cringey version of the comic. It's so bad I love it. When I started it, I couldn't even speak English properly. It's hard even to me to understand what I wanted to say in some places.

"The New Adventures of Kirby and Friends"
-It's a redo of Kirby's[DEAD]Adventure.
"Omni's Sprite showcase"
-A sprite showcase. Now with 100% more of being dead.
"Megaman Arena"
-Megaman sprite comic by Alienoid. I only helped him with HTML and the site design.
Info updated 14/12/2016
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Haven't been to this site for a while, glad to still see this comic running, gotta catch up heh
Originally uploaded by Therater2 on October 4th, 2013
New here: indow/
Originally uploaded by Therater2 on September 24th, 2013
New one here: /
Originally uploaded by Bartekolo (me!) on September 23rd, 2013
There is no image, because I didn't have the time to search for it on my old computer. Gonna post it tommorow.
New version here: /
Originally uploaded by Therater2 on September 21st, 2013
New version here: ocks/
You grab the metal bar tightly, and face the door, but, just as you were going to go full berserk on it, you heard a few footsteps from out there.
You stand still.

Commanded by digikoopa
Maaaan, it's been so long! I forgot even what smackjeeves is!
These little strips are funny and wel drawn! i love them! It sucks I don't have enough monies to get me some overwatch :/
I have finally catched up.
I am really interested in where is thos going :D
I like where this was going... is it ever gonna be continued maybe?
I really love your artstyle and the story is interesting so far, keep doing your best! :D
The "coin" actually turns out to be some sort of a locket.
You open it.
It appears to be empty.


Commanded by Therater2
I just found this and I reaally love the concept of this comic and your artstyle, keep up the great work!
That's... you?


Commanded by: digikoopa
You turn to face the other side of the room to inspect.
You see:
-A shiny thing,
-A metal bar,
-A piece of a broken mirror,
The are also scribbles on the wall.
Comanded by: Therater2
Hi guys! Sorry for the hiatus! This is my main series, I'm going to finish it first, so expect frequent updates from now on!
@cyberbuddy: This here was done entirely in Pivot, but I use also Flash 8 sometimes. Also I should really get back to animating. It's lots of fun! :D
Re-done by me.
Original can be found HERE.
Originally uploaded by Therater2 on 14 Sep 2013
New version can be found HERE.
You try to push the door. It's shut tight. The door has no handle.
Commanded by: SassyThePokemonLover