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*Note to self; Will write about myself here.. one day.

I enjoy webcomics.
Correction; I love webcomics.

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100?! Really?
I hadn't even noticed.
Congratulations dude.

It's been a great comic so far.
I hope the best for the future.
Welcome back!

And your backgrounds look lovely.
Well worth the effort I say.

Your choice of words... just perfect.
I applaud you.
Hooray for the update.
Glad to have you back.

Love the first panel, the plants on the desk really help create a feeling of depth that you can follow and that really just makes it look and feel awesome.
I want to be so angry at him for what he did...
but I can't be. Really he just comes off as stupid, he made a decision on impulse and without considering the one it involved, not cruel or mean.

Edit; on second thought stupid is probably not the write word to use. but i just want to be so angry at him.

(ps. late edit is.. really late.)
Congratulations on the spotlight award.

Love the style and the story seems very interesting so far.
You have a +fav from me.
Mr. Marple
February 1st, 2012
It feels both good and a little weird seeing her father.
Also; they have the same eyes~

edit; first.
Sad to know that Anfange is coming to an end but at the same time I'm excited for what's to come. I hope to see more comics from you, I assure you you'll have a +fav from me.

Also; random. But, would there happen to be a name for the pattern that you used as the background for panels 5 and 6? I've seen it before and I'm starting to wonder. Again. Sorry, random.

- Mr. Marple
First; her face. I laughed so hard!
And his reaction. XD

Second; those windows are lovely. Random, but, they're pretty and I thought they deserved mention.
That's so cute, I was so happy..
and then I remembered what happens..


Poor Karen..
I had to go back to remember his name, but, is that Jaxon? favorite page so far.

Late comment..

But, so tense! What are they up to?!
I agree with Mushroomtale, a little SFX in the middle row of panels would make whats going on clearer.

I have to say though that I'm in complete awe of your art style. Very well done.
Oh, Kittens is right!
Wow she can bleed.

(Maybe its just my monitor, but, the coloring of her face and her legs seem different to me.)