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Hey, I'm Mandy, but some people call me Habby. I absolutely love manga, anime, Pokemon, vid games(especially Sims and Okami) and roleplaying, or rp. And I almost forgot, DREAMKEEPERS! LOOKIT UP! Dreamkeepers is a big part of why I want to make comics.

I am in Band, proud Flutie (flute), and read a WHOLE BUNCH, not all comics.
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Yes yes yes!! I love it, and there's only 4 pages! X3 I can't wait for more!
Yes, i love being right.
I don't care what yall r saying, i officially love George and she is my fav character. She is just as crazy and more clever and evil than all my fav chars and kinda expected her like that. It's always the innocent ones. And in her place? I would do the exact same. Sit back and soak in the joy of a good slightly-evil plan, George, you deserve it! XD i can't stop laughing though! Also, i think this is my first comment ever on here....that is how much i love George now. X3