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Chick With the Hat
I get up. I stumble through the day in a struggle of academics and social awkwardness. Then, somehow, I return home, go back to sleep, and start it all over again.

Also, I love bacon. And mechanical pencils. And unicorns. :B
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I dunno how "grounded in reality" the sudden appearance of forests and fridges are for you.... but whatevs.

Everyone knows, Stan, that the most important safety rule after "don't talk to strangers" is "don't walk into ethereal forest of unknown origin." OBVIOUSLY.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer anything new as to other hosting sites.
... oh D:
AH! I've missed June so much. Been out of town with no internet for a week ;~; I'm ever so glad to have Stan and the crew back <3
I'm so sorry to hear about the cancer. There's an association my uncle went to and they took care of him and he was better in no time... I hope for the best for all of you. But never, ever, ever, get discouraged.

Thank you for updating, despite the hard news.
Is Stan a cyborg/robot/thingy? @___@ Or, is someone watching them with crappy equipment..... Or is it just an effect? Hmmmm~

Also, there seems to be a mystery character in the back. Stan's mother? Who knows~
Leighton's so bootylicious~ The page might be about Harbear and Jordan, but Leighton steals it <3
......soooo wrong, on soooo many levels..... but soooo good. xD
Oh, come on, Princess. I'd love to have a knight in shining peg-leg protect and escort me! :D
Chick With the Hat
December 21st, 2011
I love all the emotions you manage to cram into this comic without making it seem crammed. Beautiful work <3
@Cocytus: I used to make puns, but then I took an arrow to the knee....
Chick With the Hat
December 19th, 2011
Stan has gone from raging wild-child to somewhat serene sky-gazer in a few panels. That kid is much more level-headed than I am.
Lol, what a great pun. I never "pegged" you... *gets shot*
KITTYYYYYY *headexplosion* Remember, Draco, it could have been worse. When your unproud father catches you having man sex, you should expect a prompt decapitation.
Silly boy. Now, let's just sit down in our fridge and relax and calm down for a moment. There, there. Isn't that better?
Well, hello there! >:D
Tristan should get more hats, of course... or maybe little froggy trousers and a shirt to match? That would be superbly adorable <3
So.... It's either going to be something REALLY GOOD.... or REALLY BAD. ._.
Who are you kidding? Everyone in this comic is sexy fire~
Hmm... I may be doing too much thinking here, but due to some of your past comments, I feel like maybe everything Miriam is saying is what you feel (the long buildup, the few scraps of information, etc). But, I think it's what makes this comic awesome..... Ok, thought rant over.

Best of luck on your exam Wednesday. I have one then, too. T__T I believe in you~
..... They make pills for that, Stan.