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I prefer pencil as opposed to pen. The shading looks much better and gives the comic a brighter feel, in my opinion.
The suspense.. Ichi just go back and beg for forgiveness and everything will be alright.
We all know it will be alright.
You know you want to..
I saw this coming halfway through the comic, yet, the suspense was quite satisfying.
This better not be permanent -shakefist- D:< because Sensei is my favorite.. But pain and drama blossoms character.

Also your angst over your drawing style, grammar, and everything etc is completely misplaced. I did get lost a few times while reading, but this did not harm the story in my opinion.
Also this comic looks nearly professional and it reminds me of my friend introducing me to my first manga when I was in high school, (Gravitation).
Whether that is a good or bad thing, I don't care. This comic is totally friggin awesome and is my top fav. <3
I hope you keep continuing the story, don't get bored. :c
He looks like he's about to puke in the first panel. Hooboy.. xD;