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I'm a 26 year old casual stay at home nerd who lives in NSW, Australia.

I'm a nothing but humble inexperienced storyteller with big ambitions. What you see is the result of the same webcomic bug that hits many artists/writers/worldbuilders with internet access and the patience and stubbornness to sit down and do it.
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And that's it for Chapter One. See you next year for more Rain of Ash.

If you want to see further of my worldbuilding and conlang development I recommend you go check out my art blog.

Happy holidays everyone!
I don't actually plan to do many pages like this in the future, I was just making sure I could do them if I needed to.
Pretty mask switches to ugly, xenophobic mask to denote different speaker.
This concept was so hard to explain without bringing data storage into it.
This actually explains very little.
Antai could not be more confused... or wrong.
This page actually took me months but I think it was worth it.
Oh look, a page I don't completely hate.
Apparently that big ol' bloodman was nice enough to use their clothes to make a makeshift pillow for them.
As cut-and-paste the art seems on this page it does actually improve a little from this point on.
It probably isn't the best storytelling to switch between characters like this but I am actually going somewhere with this in the long run.

(So sorry about the delay, I was without internet and but it's back again and updates will resume as normal.)
The biggest inconvenience of Dau's entire life was that he wasn't born an elf like Shiavhe.
The blue-green border indicates they are speaking Váya, the language of the humans in this comic.
Dau isn't the most fluent speaker of elvish but he does okay considering.

EDIT: There's a mistake on this page but I get to the "edit page" function to change the source. I suppose I could delete this page and repost it but I am too stubborn and determined to work out WHY I can't fix it the easy way before I do the long way. /minirant

EDIT2: I managed to locate the link by looking at blockable items on the page. I guess I have to blame adblock for this.
The red border indicates they are speaking Eihömęt, the language of the elves in this comic.
Those candles are altogether way too bright but I needed people to see what Dau was doing because this page looked like a whole different genre when it was super dark... #>_>#
I recommend for aspiring comic creators to not do what I did and have this many people on your very first page.
So happy to be able to have something to show at last.
@Niggle: I have a sneaking suspicion Chal swings EVERY way.
"This is a comic about kids growing up and making friends and dealing with family. Kids are diverse. Friends are diverse. Families are diverse. People are diverse. The world is diverse. We want to fairly represent all kinds of people because kids can and eventually will be all kinds of people."

Oh dear... I feel very emotional all of a sudden. That was just worded so beautifully.