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Digital and traditional artist, art heavily influenced by manga and cartoons, and doing a PhD in geology.
Currently working on my graphic novel project TerrApocalypse and my Pokémon nuzlocke-comic FoRLoVE, of which I hope to release content soon!
Feel free to check out my two cancelled projects that I still kept up on this page! :D
@icemassacre: That's awesome! I totally need to look up that trilogy now, I already found it on Goodreads ;D
@icemassacre: How nice, I didn't know you were two people working on this comic! How does it work, does one of you write the story and the other draw? :D
I like your reason for the "catch the first" rule, poor kids don't know what's ahead of them :'D

Can't wait for all the duplicate Pidgeys xD I had three in my FireRed nuzlocke team at some point!
Whoa, I'm amazed by the quality of this comic so far, I'm REALLY impressed with the artwork and already super intrigued about the story. I wonder what happened in this world :D And I can't wait to see more on certain character relationships, because it seems like there's quite some rivalry in this warrior's team =)
@IMONFIREGUY: And thank goodness for that :'D I don't want it to end hahaha
Or IS he? >o> Because I've had my suspicions for a while now...
@neverbound: Thank you, it's still one of my favourites too! Though I can see all the mistakes now, I still love it xD I love drawing city landscapes like these, just don't have a lot of time for it, but can't wait to draw one again!
@neverbound: Thanks a lot Willis, that means a lot coming from you, you know! This page may be old, but I remember drawing every little detail on it... and I'm still proud of how it turned out :'D I will probably never continue this comic, but can't wait to show what I'm working on right now!
@neverbound: I quite like that combination of stupid sillyness and seriousness, so keep up the awesome work xDDD
Whoa Willis! This comic is such an experience!! I'm incredibly impressed with the amount of detail on every single page, like holy macaroni, a page must have taken like 30 hours to complete or something??

I love the serious tone of the story combined with little moments of pure comedy. Like bodies falling down like discarded banana peels :') Or a flamethrower of bees! :D I can't wait to find out what the creature is that Ulrieg was destined to meet...
The faces in the last panels are surprisingly comical for the otherwise serious tone of this comic xD I'm dying, hahaha! I mean, ahum *cough* I feel very sorry for Ulrieg.
Yessss, the mud (and smiles!) returned <3 Loving this page! After all the hardships the characters went through, this is THE thing I needed to see, hahaha <3
Only just now found this comic, binged it, and man... This is one of my favourite Nuzlocke comics ever now! The characters are written so well, and I LOVE to see the main character and rival travelling together for a change!

The Pokémon designs are so nice and unique too <3 Your Pidgeys are the most adorable I've ever seen.
Aaaaahmagash, just binged this comic, and it's so precious! <3 I bet it turns out she has powers as well, like "reversed mind-reading" (not sure if there is a term for it haha!).
Most definitely a magic related city; I wouldn't expect to see so many tall buildings together in Sweden! :D

This comic is super precious and I'm really glad I found it. Binged it all just now, and in love with the style!
Ohmygooooosh H0ly, I'm SO HAPPY seeing Toby smile like that! This must be one of the happiest pages of the whole comic <3
May 3rd, 2019
I just had to notice and comment... Wasn't it Pearl who complained about the asymmetry in Amethyst's shoulder strap in the series? xD What happened to Pearl to suddenly wear something like that? Is it... Love? 8D
Whoa... She's a whole different person now. Can't wait to see more of the current her!
Good start, and interesting take on the story! I haven't seen a Nuzlocke before that puts Oak in such an important role :D
Good tips Amber, you teach him a lesson! :)

I hope your hand heals well Brian, take as much rest as you need!