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Digital and traditional artist, art heavily influenced by manga and cartoons, and doing a PhD in geology.
Currently working on my graphic novel project TerrApocalypse and my Pokémon nuzlocke-comic FoRLoVE, of which I hope to release content soon!
Feel free to check out my two cancelled projects that I still kept up on this page! :D
Holy smokes- Congratulations H0ly!!! This has been one heck of a ride for all those years! Absolutely amazing comic, I cannot wait to read the update next week and you talking about the comic as a whole.

I can't help but wonder what's going to happen to all of them now... Will the world change? Will the brother finally reunite? I kinda love how this ending is so open in a way, it leaves tons of stuff for us to speculate about.

Thanks for creating such an amazing comic <3
Just to tell you this one was uploaded as #274 instead of in the "new 25 opening pages" ;D

Absolutely loving this comic, keep up the great work Brian!
@Zelkova: Hahaha, were this comic Mokepon, that's exactly what I would expect xD
@Biev: Often words are not needed to describe a scene or cast a certain atmosphere, and the art just speaks for itself. I think H0ly is doing an excellent job in getting the atmosphere they want across!

So better just leave the poor table alone ;-)
December 16th, 2018
@Squirreltastic-Blue: Check out the start of the comic again, there's about 12+ new comics for you to read there ;D I think those are the "contentless updates" you refer to.
@Happy Time Pills: Eerm... Have you even read the whole story?
Ouch, I know she might mean that as something comforting, or as an excuse, but... MAN THAT HURTS!
Oh no... Oh snap... No way...
I can't believe no one is commenting on this amazing comic! I only found it today, and I'm hooked. I feel so sorry for Amber but also Sandra, and I can imagine there must be lots of families trying to deal with these issues...

Daisy's aura comment here made me think Amber might not even be Scott's daughter, but some other guy's.
From the beginning of this story until now (holy shizzles, that was quite some years ago actually!), I've always been way more on the side of him than her. And sure, both of them have made mistakes, but I still feel so sorry for the way Chris treated him.

Love you too, you ugly yet awesome spirit <3
@demo: Haha, wow, I never expected someone to find this comic after 6 whole years of inactivity! :-) It DOES still make me smile though! Thanks for the compliments <3

Though I'm sorry to let you down; this is yet one another comic project I had to leave, because during that time university took over my life. I'm currently six years further, and ready to (soon) start some new exciting projects, but I'll have to let this one go! Though the characters will always be loved by me :D
OH NOES, I reached the last page, right before the BIG REVEAL xD Keep up the great work <3

And I just found out you're from Holland as well! Could've known with Cage being so tall and being a farmer xD
Whahaha, that expression in the third panel is to die for! Love this comic, only found it yesterday <3
My goodness Qlock, this comic is so damn beautiful! You really put an enormous effort in all the detail, and the backgrounds are truly to die for <333 Will follow this! How many chapters will the story have?
@Zelkova: Why? A double page can easily be printed on two single pages next to each other, many comics and manga do that ;-) If the pages turn out to be odd, so that for the double page you would have to turn over the page, you could easily put in some extra pages in between, or even sneakily make an extra double page from a single page :-D
Ooooh, I love this comic so much <3 The style is adorable!

Did you make the font yourself, or if you downloaded it, what font is it? It's beautiful :D
Aaaaah, I was finally able to catch up to this story, and man do I love it! It's completely different from MtRC, but it still has this amazing "zimeta" feeling all over it :D You're so great with character development, and your way of telling stories is amazing <3

I'm going to follow this story closely now, just wanted to say I love it so far, and I hope my many questions will be answered with time ;)
@Psonic98: If you would look closely at the stripes on Atty's vest, you would see it wasn't copy pasted ;)
Actually, I'm loving these short scenes... and the fact they're still trying out these things. Many other doujinshi always go 'all the way' in the first sexual chapter, but this build up is so much more fun, has so much more emotion... I simply love it!!! <333

So, if you ask me, I say: Keep up with these awesome "messing around" chapters, because they're lovely! <3
Oh damn. And just when I thought everything was going to be fine and happy ending and fluff.... >___<

And I gotta tell you, I so much love this comic. I love the style and story, and you're so great at page panelling as well! Please keep up the great work!