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"Well, some old book just went freaking Chronicles of Narnia on us." ...L. O. FREAKING. L.
Still, don't underestiate the "speed of sound" running speed.
I think it's different if you're going up against someone, or gloating of your victories. But if you play by yourself, then... Yeah. what you said. Something like that. (Reminds me of my Lv.100 Sceptile.)But, you didn't really win, did you?
He didn't swear, S.W. thinks that AFTER all three of Lu's lines.
Hmm... That turned out a bit rough...
Can you guess what SpeedJolt referenced?
Yeah, i know i make lousy blur effects, so don't tell me.
Votes closed.
No one voted, so I'm going with No.2. (Don't blame me if you don't like it.)
On with the votes! (Or vote. Singular.)
Voting ends august 31.
I should credit MSPM on Bob and George for that.
*Drops drink.*
Not much to say here. Move along.
It is... RATTATA...
I haven't played the game these sprites are from either, and changed them a small bit as well... I even left out a comma! ...So i messed a lot of stuff up. Maybe i should stop doing that.
Ooh, by the way
To let you know, i have never played boktai, so if i got the order of the BGs wrong... Yeah. (Not that i'm trying to get them right.)
Bit fast paced, i know.