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lady bastet
I love myths and legends.I love to chat with other people. I LOVE to read! I love drinking tea, cold or hot depending on what tea i want to drink. I love animals and my house is full of dogs and cats:)
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Did they cut his arm off? Because that's what it looks like to me anyway.
LOVE! <3 <3 <3
I love your art and that person might be jealous on how good your art is.
This is cute
I don't think he remembers
Well ain't that a kick in the pants with a side of twist
I did not see that coming!
I have a feeling that this isn't yet because Lucky has the other's to worry about if he doesn't get out of there quickly like right now.
Hurry Lucky!
Lucky run to the exit and get so far away from the hotel as fast as you can and never look back!

Love! Can't wait till the next update!^^
Umm, Lucky you should keep on running
Lucky is going to be caught by Oliver, isn't he?

Run Lucky or try to!!!
I have a feeling that he's going to fall down the stairs
Well it look's like someone is in a 'good' mood
Run Lucky!!! Don't stop and don't look back!!!
Now Lucky kick Oliver off and run far from the hotel