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Element affinity is important
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They are a little Op this insects
I don't know, Golem, it's working so far
How much dice damage is a lamia hit?
You can read more about insect types in the wiki
she's really a tsundere
That happens when you’ve never left your village.
Don’t you get angry when the characters always hit on the few protected parts of their enemies in the most retarded way?
She really eats everything.
I’ve reset my polls for favourite character in the comic and for new monster girls to include in it, so take a vote in the links below
Not only Mothoko, but also her sister
Wendigo, the rock girl and one of the bandits are rewards for winning some of my contests
Their names will not be written in history but their sacrifice knows no bounds.
One of the reasons why shonens are so predictable for those of us already on the Seinen age, is because they lay the ground for things that are very obvious but they treat them as big surprises when they happen, as if the reader is an idiot; and sadly enough, many of those readers are indeed surprised. Or in other words, many shonen readers are Oni, while Seinen readers are Lamia XD.
They’re a big threath, yeah

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