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Important notice: Monster girls on tour has completed it's restructuration and has now 22 new pages as prologue
So anyways that’s all i had to say about this revamp, now enjoy the comic
Now that the comic have some time i’ve revised it and changed the beginning a little to make it more readable, since at the beginning they were just random pages about memes and stuff.
Eventually the publication of Guild adventure ended, so this is now my main comic, with two pages peer week, and a physical version.
The comic pages i did for the monster girls became more popular than my regular publication of Guild adventure, so i made it an oficial comic and published one page a week.
The comic sold relativelly well, and to prepare for the next edition, i began to publish random comic pages in my web, with the monster girls as protagonists.
The group of Monster girls had already become the most popular characters in Guild adventure, so they were the obvious choice for a spin off.
At some, when i was still doing Guild adventure, i united with several authors to do a fanzine with stand off comics. My choice was to do a one time adventure with K’sara as protagonist.
Both K’sara and Europa were originaly born in my other webcomic Guild adventure as secondary characters. That comic has already finished with hundreds of pages, so go take a look at it if you’re interested in a non-absurd story in this setting.
The next following 20 pages where the original begining of Monster girls on tour on paper edition, before i did any of the web pages. I’ve added it to the web version so it works in a more readable way.
This wasn’t originally how the comic started, since at the begining these were just random pages to promote a paper comic. But since it became popular, i’ve reconstructed it in a more readable way.
This was originally the cover of the first special adventure on paper, but it also works well here
The fourth special adventure of Monster girls on tour is finally out for sale. Monster girls, magical girls and a very angry K’sara for only 2€!
New series of questions from the readers; remember you can ask more stuff to the girls.
I’ll be out at a convention for the entire week, so i’ll update the comic today and set the next page on auto for saturday.
But their new adventure will have to wait for a future chapter.
Funny thing is that they are almost the same age, but Anubis played old sister very soon XD
Maybe they didn’t think of all the possibilities. Or maybe they did.

Monster girls on tour updates on tuesday and saturday. If you like this comic, you can read the next page before your friends by supporting me on patreon. You can also read Guild adventure, an already finished comic set in the same world as MGoT.
Some people are easy to trick
Not even Mothoko escapes