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Goodness, a similar thing happened to me when I was that age! It's all peer pressure really. I'm not really gay, I'm bi, but when I was about 10 I heard that everyone should have a crush on a member of the opposite sex in their class so I picked the one I disliked the least and if anyone asked I said I liked him! Luckily it didn't last long.

Look at me babbling, more importantly, love your comic, the content is very funny and you give the characters a lot of personality and charm!
July 26th, 2013
Others have already said this, but what gorgeous outfits!
The whole comic is great, but the outfits are especially stunning!
Gonna be super busy Saturday but I wanted to put this up here, so here it is on technically Saturday!

Jack smiling?! What is this madness?!
This is the most amount of symbols that will ever appear on one page, I swear! And I will show the translation of this page eventually, when we're further along in the story, but for now this is packed with spoilers!
Has it really been almost two months since I posted an OTLF page, yikes, I didn't think it had been that long...
Well... I'm posting a page now, I guess that's what counts, but I'm sorry to anyone who likes and reads this comic that I don't update more regularly.
Aww, Sweet!
I just found this comic today, and I've been reading it through for a few hours. The story can be a bit confusing at times, but I think that's more to do with me, I find characters in black and white hard to recognise and remember sometimes, but I'm understanding it more as I go. I wish I had your dedication and skill to make such a long and interesting story!
May 10th, 2013
Fourth panel should be "What DO the people of Atrier believe?"
But more importantly this is a great comic (I haven't read all of it yet) but the art and everything is very good, especially how all the characters are designed very differently (like different styles of faces, noses, eyes etc...) it's something I'm very bad at, so I notice it done well in other people's work!
I love this comic <3
Luck's back after being asleep for the past few pages.
(Not sure I'm happy with this page, but I probably never will be, I can never get things to look the way I want them to...)
Pages actually appearing on Saturday when they're supposed to, what is this sorcery?!

I think I draw noses too big, which is probably why I find drawing faces in profile difficult, because face-on my noses take up about a third of the face, which isn't right, it should be smaller than that... Jack in profile there looks alright, but in the others the noses are too big, too long... hmm... I still haven't decided exactly how I want noses to look...
Submitting just before midnight is cheating a bit really, it's not really what 'Updates Saturdays' means... but oh well, a page is a page, and I've tried not to rush it too much to get it finished today.
Again that sky... I have trouble trying to get the sky looking right because I want it to look nice and sky-like, but it's also got to be constantly very clouded and smoggy and polluted. Also spent quite a while trying to get the firelight to look right, and do harder shadows because of the dark and the single light source... but I think it looks alright in the end...

Anyway, that's not important, there was supposed to be dialogue in this page, and I hope people get what's going on without the dialogue... When Mina looks at and/or touches her bracelet she's thinking about her mother (because the bracelet was her mother's, just mentioning this in case anyone's forgot, as I put out pages so slowly that you might not remember the early story). Basically Mina's regretting her decision and leaving home isn't as easy as she thought, she's worried and feeling guilty and was going to murmur "...You must be so disappointed in me, mother... I’ve made such a mess of everything..." but I decided to cut it as I realised she would have to be sitting near the fire and near to Jack, and if she spoke aloud, even just a murmur, he'd probably hear, and she'd realise that.
The expressions you draw!
How can they be emotional and hilarious at the same time?!
I am alive and I'm sorry for not updating this comic regularly, things are always... difficult, but there should at least be another page next week as I've just finished it, and I'll keep trying.

THAT SKY, you would not believe how much time I spent on those buildings and trying to get them to look right at that angle, I probably spent more time redoing that frame for the hundredth time than I spent on the whole of the rest of this page! (and I still don't think they quite look right, but I moved them mostly out of frame so the worst isn't visible!)
Yes Luck's been sitting on that food, but they are all wrapped up in parcels so it's not too unhygienic!

I'm quite surprised I was able to get this out this week, luckily I'd done most of it before Christmas and just finished it off tonight (with my fancy new bamboo tablet).
I've been crazily busy since Christmas, I'll be glad to get back to normal.
"...Thanks... I think... Are you going to try and kill me...?"
Bit too much space around the panels in this page I think... hmm...
Little piece of advice, telling a girl to 'calm down' never goes well!
Phew! Had a lot to do today around the house, and I was worried I wouldn't have enough time to finish this page off for today!

Mina is NOT happy! But who could blame her?
Getting more used to drawing this guy now, have to make sure all the dirt on everyone and all the cuts and bruises on this guy stay consistent!
Sorry it's been almost a month since I've updated this comic, I had a big fall out with art and my comics and things, but I'm back on top now, and updates should continue as normal.

This page has taken a long, long time! Introducing a new important character is always difficult because you haven't drawn them in the proper comic yet, and you want to make them look perfect! But after a lot of work and tweaking, here he is!