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@Falconer: Heck I'm an adult and I still smack my head into obvious objects heh!
@Falconer: For whatever reason, I hate cleaning if there is someone else in the house but enjoy doing it when I'm alone but expecting someone to come home an appreciate. Like when I house-sit for my parents. I like to clean it far better than when I used to live there then preen at how good a job I did. XD
I have felt this pain so often. In movies/games/comics the characters I tend to like often die. It is unfortunate that character traits I am drawn to also seem to attract death flags T_T
September 3rd, 2017
I feel that Louie would be proud of Chip at the end of this scene.
I like where this new comic is heading!! Good style, the flow is easy to understand and a lot of uniqueness to each character so far.

Looking forward to following Fool's Paradise!
This page is made of win in a rainbow of flavors. And I might be falling madly in like with Merek and his dashing copilot we just met!
I just went back and reread the whole comic from the start! I'm even more charmed by it than I was before.

Also Em looks very good with short hair!

And the natural/darling interactions between all the pokemon and in the backgrounds of panels in general is just delightful.
December 5th, 2016
"Gone weird again!" For some reason I'm really drawn to that line. Since this will probably be an almost tactical planned-on aspect of including Hinata on future missions I imagine 'She's doing the thing!' to be a catchphrase or at least heard now and again.

Or maybe 'Pandora, open up!'
Oh goodness this is like right on target! I was lucky to try a helpful medication my first try when I was diagnosed with ADD 3.5 years ago (as an adult of 24 years of age), I didn't have to try a couple that made things worse before better.

My Dad explained to me how he discovered he was ADD, and my brother ADHD (not crazy apparent like some kids in recent years). It was just enough to impact my ability to do things. Discovering that I wasn't actually a bad person for being unable to be in social situations for long periods of time, or getting tired quickly, etc, I actually started to cry in the Doctor's office. There was a REASON, and it wasn't because I didn't try hard enough.

Anyways I'm incredibly happy for you that a medication exists and is available for you to feel that extra boost in your day!
@YonYonYon: Oh hmm, when you mean 'more about trees and stuff concerning cutting them' do you mean like pruning and tree maintenance? Or purely how to cut down a tree? I know that soft woods like cottonwood trees are bad for firewood or crafting things because of their low density. Softwood trees grow more quickly than hardwood, such as maple and oak. Hardwood trees are good for making stuff to last because of their density. Some trees like cedar have a very strong scent that humans find appealing but many common pests (such as bugs that eat clothes) are repelled by. That's why cedar paneling in your closet is good! Some trees make better firewood than others/burn for longer. I believe pine trees are some of the best for firewood because their resin is also a bit of a fuel. But you don't burn green wood. You want to chop it, stack it under good cover, make sure it's got airflow to prevent mold/rot and not up against a building or anything since that can create more homes for mice and termites. Then let the wood age until it's naturally all dried out. You can alternatively bury wood like my grandpa would do which helps it age for woodcrafts.

oh jeez this is a page of random wood knowledge, sorry XD

A good general knowledge book would be This is one of the manuals I had in college, and you can find copies really cheap. I've seen them in second-hand stores before. If it's ten years old it's still mostly accurate, the pictures are not as pretty is all XD And new science statistics have come out.
Yeah but what density is the wood? Is it crappy poplar or a nice acer?

(Sorry I'm a plant nerd graduated in Horticulture hhhng)
I just discovered this comic and read to this point and actually blurted 'NOOOOO!' when I clicked on the page and nothing happened to advance it.

This is awesome, I'm loving it.
June 20th, 2016
Good-looking rock, bad choice in what to look like in that location XD Maybe a fire hydrant?
Now I'm curious, what did he draw in that time?
This comic made me think of a random question:

Do you draw one comic every day? Or do you ever do more than one in a day, then not draw for a day?

I suddenly had curiosity if 'daily' meant more than consistent posting of comics day to day.

Either way, you are highly impressive and I enjoy your sense of humor facing life's fun and not-so-fun aspects. I hope you get as much out of this labor of love as your readers do. Because I know I look forward to it :)
Congratulations! Here's to many more multiples of 8 years happiness!
Of course this page is nine shades of beautiful.

But at the same time. I find myself stuck on the fact that old green mage guy is all like 'thank you' despite the fact he's forcing something upon a young woman desperately begging for help and understanding. He completely ignored her, like he was reading from the wrong script.

I feel like it would have gone more smoothly if he was tutoring Quinn over time instead of only showing up at the most traumatic low points of her life and never sticking around to help her re-balance her mental state.
February 22nd, 2016
I just found this comic and I was about to be heartbroken that this lovely narrative had stopped! But I just read that it will be continuing in April and I'm so pleased X3

I must know more about this interesting world!
Ah okay. I usually read you awesome comic on DA because I can view it larger to see more of the intricate details. However the version of this page currently uploaded to DA is without speech bubbles. I wanted to see if this was on purpose so came to Smackjeeves and lo, there be text!
Ever tried him on the treadmill with you?